10 August 2015

Right-Wing Militias and the Christo-American Heresy


I apologise in advance as some will find this video to be offensive. It starts out with some bad language. I will also freely admit that it is heavily slanted and is not really attempting to be objective.

That said, the videos and the language in them speak for themselves. There has been some attention as of late regarding the growth of Right-Wing terror threats but when you watch a montage like this which extends from the 2008 election to the near present, then it's quite striking.

I think it's quite fair to lay some blame at the doorstep of Right-Wing media while it is less so when it comes to books and authors. Anarcho-Capitalists while hardly representing a Christian viewpoint do not advocate violence. That said, a lot of rabid Nationalists imbibe some of their ideas and when synthesized, despite the inconsistencies, it can produce a near panic and hysteria.

Alex Jones is indeed dangerous and all the more because there are elements of truth in his rhetoric and his presentations. Truth mixed with a great deal of assumption, error and certainly wrong-headed and sinful attitudes and applications.

It is sad to me to see professing Christians caught up in this business. My conversion rescued me from it. I immediately began to understand that my allegiance is not to America but to Christ's Kingdom. I realized that as a lost person I had made America into an idol, a holy realm, the presence of God on Earth. It's as old as Babel.

Only when released did I begin to see it for what it was, yet another evil empire and in some ways more pernicious because of the way it cloaked its hypocrisy and murder with Christian language and symbolism. I began to see that indeed there was something of a Globalist conspiracy, but it does not find its home in the halls of the UN, but in the Capitalist system itself, the inevitable Corporatocracy it produced, the very power that dominates the US Empire. The closest thing the world has ever seen to one world government are the powers seated in Washington and Manhattan, the political, military and economic centers of control and influence. Others apparently noticed that as well and attempted a fruitless but symbolic guerilla attack, a decapitation strike that utterly failed.

A nation born in sin but baptized by the Church has produced a nation of heretics and the heresy of Americanism includes the glorification of vengeance of violence not all that different from the 'holy' war others would wage.

I know several people and know of even more who are already being pulled into this kind of violent extremism. There's trouble on the horizon and like him or not Chomsky comments at the end of the film are accurate. A decadent unstable and violently divided society can quickly turn toxic.

Many on the Right won't see it coming though. They've redefined the historical meaning of the Left/Right divide so that anything outside of anarchism is immediately Left. This is historically false and this is made all the more clear when their impoverished understanding of the political dimensions of economics is integrated into the equation. Capitalism may appear individualist on paper but its consequences are absolutely and thoroughly social and political.

I am struck by the fact that we're sitting here seventy years after the fall of the Third Reich and many people still do not understand what that was all about. Some are celebrating it and re-writing its history. Others are re-framing history and thus mistakenly believing they are far away from ideas that in fact they have much in common with. Fascism is alive and well and while I won't say elements of it aren't present in the American Democratic party, which in fact is more Centrist than Left, it finds it primary home in other circles.

Revisionism is a worthwhile exercise and much needed. But like all historical interpretations there are dangers. There are some good things going on but also some dangerous ones that will continue to produce some very destructive fruit.

In some ways the last episode of the rising Right in the 1990's seemed worse but this video shows that assessment may be a mistake. While we've not seen an event on the magnitude or level of Oklahoma City, the growth of the militias and certainly the lone-wolf types has surpassed what we saw during the Clinton years.

A Republican victory in 2016 may stem the tide... a little. But to be honest at this point the growth of anti-authoritarian hyper-individualist concepts of liberty will likely mean that these groups will continue to proliferate. Their heretical rejections of New Testament teachings regarding the Christian's relation to the state and society will continue to infiltrate the Church and divide congregations.