03 February 2016

Petroleum Prices, the IMF and Subjugation

From the standpoint of the American hegemony another advantage of low oil prices is that not only does it bring numerous petro-state enemies to the point of ruin but it also provides an opportunity to subjugate and control weak and vacillating states.

The low price of oil has allowed the US/NATO and in another sense the Saudis to consolidate power. Utilising the IMF and World Bank the West can now twist the arm of a country like Nigeria and when austerity and privatisation exacerbate domestic tensions, it will afford opportunities for further intervention and concessions. It's nasty game, but that's how it is played.

There is nothing new under the sun, but Sacralism changed the ethics of Christianity and in its celebration of wealth and power we now have a host of Christians participating in these actions. They might actually be on the ground in the realm of business and diplomacy. Others will sit offshore wearing the military uniform of the empire. Others sit tapping at a keyboard in a skyscraper cutting deals and manipulating the financial markets to facilitate and exploit these realities.

This is not the application of Christian Vocation, this is not labouring to the glory of God and the promotion of His Kingdom. This is gross usury, profiting from the suffering of others, generating income through financial schemes rather than work rooted in integrity. They have rallied a multitude of corrupt theologians who will happily aid in twisting the Scriptures to support these practices and yet in the case of Nigeria the resulting social tensions have pushed the country into a terrible civil war.

Religion plays a part to be sure but those on the ground insist the real tensions are social, ethnic, rooted in resources, economics and politics. Religion is the rallying point and as war destroys all decency, creates and unleashes bestial forces, the religious arguments and justifications prove in many ways the most simple and straightforward.

Boko Haram is a particularly violent group of Salafis but their rise cannot be comprehended apart from the whole story and context of Nigeria. And that story is one of many negative influences, exploitative forces and sinister schemes... many traceable to skyscrapers and men in suits, and not a few of them professing the name of Christ. They have blood their hands. Perhaps they think they can wipe their mouths and proclaim they have done no wrong? Perhaps they think no one sees?

Boko Haram is the spawn of hell but how much bloodguilt lies on the heads of those who supposedly possess the Holy Spirit and have used the holy name of Christ to justify their motives and ethics?