19 September 2016

The Media Lays the Groundwork for Duterte's Ouster

Rodrigo Duterte now joins Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the list of Western Media pariahs. These figures are being set up for removal. If they won't go quietly through parliamentary machinations, scandal or some other means, eventually the military or the covert-ops people (jackals) get involved.

Well, the covert-ops people are already involved. They're already working all the angles. They're working assets within the media complex as well as stirring up political, social and economic trouble on the ground. That's true in Turkey and if not already it will soon be the case in the Philippines.

One thing is certain... Duterte is a satrap in revolt and he's going to be feeling the pressure. The media not only prepares the segment of the public that's paying attention, it signals Wall Street along with US allies, and it gives cover to the diplomatic corps that is already at work.

Duterte insulted Obama but that's really quite minor in the grand scheme of things. His real crime is that he's refusing to toe the American line vis-à-vis China. He's thwarting the US 'Pivot' and has now wasted American efforts and backing in securing the UNCLOS/PCA ruling regarding the South China Sea. The US is not a signatory to the UN convention and it was the Philippines role as a proxy to bring the charges against China in the Permanent Court of Arbitration. This legal and diplomatic success is now being wasted by Duterte's treachery... or at least that's how Washington will read his actions.

The US was happy to back and even fund his brutal regime along with its death squads and concentration camps. Duterte's bluster will now provide the basis for his downfall. His Trump-like buffoonery lays the media groundwork for his own condemnation. It won't take much to turn world opinion against him and he's going to start feeling the pressure from every quarter of diplomatic, political, economic and possibly even military sectors.

Unless he's willing to purge institutions such as the army, he'll likely face internal pressure if not danger as well.

He will be desperately looking to Beijing for backing. Will China come to his aid? The Philippines is rapidly in danger of becoming another flashpoint.

Now we'll see how cunning Duterte really is. Will he be able to master the steps of this very difficult dance and survive?

Meanwhile the million or so Christians in the Philippines that profess some form of Biblical Christianity will find themselves caught up in the political turmoil. They will be exploited and placed in danger. Lamentably many support Duterte. It would seem the apostasy inherent within political Christianity continues to spread and a new dark chapter in the history of the Christian Church is beginning to form... a new era of Christian militant Right-wing nationalism. We can thank Dominion theology for this abominable heresy. The apostate American Church has vigorous spread this filth across the globe. In the Philippines and much of Asia it is brought about through G12 and other such movements that seek to consolidate political and cultural power.

And once again, the US Defense and Intelligence Establishment which is heavily staffed by and invested in by professing Christians will scheme and turn to intrigue if not violence in order to maintain power and profits. American Christians have long profited from US Imperialism's machinations and they fully support its dark plots that seek to maintain its hegemony.

Let us pray for the Philippines and for our brethren there, that they may find discernment in these days of confusion.


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