02 November 2016

Trump and the Semblance of Dignity

I've mentioned this before but I wanted to put it into a brief post.

In the 1990s so many lamented the lack of dignity and gravitas that the Clintons brought to the White House. Many, myself included, all but wretched watching the Clinton's dance to Fleetwood Mac on Inauguration night. The bearing and sobriety of the World War II generation was gone and it was clear that the Boomers had arrived.

And then of course when we learned that Clinton was of morally dubious character (and with so many details revealed) there were a great many Christians relieved to see George W Bush win the election in 2000.

Finally some sobriety and character would return to the high office, or so it was thought. The presidency as an institution would once more become respectable.

I don't buy into any of this but I understand the feeling behind it.

I think it's all rather misguided and rooted in ignorance about past presidents, people in power and the real moral nature of the US presidency, but that's beside the point.

But how incredible that sixteen years later many of these same people are willing to support Donald Trump!

Does this man bring dignity and respectability to the office of president? I ask that assuming (for argument's sake) that the question is valid.

Does Trump bring virtue and character to the office?

Does his family? Do the Trump women with their plastic surgery and silicon enhancements, let alone their seductress style of dress and demeanour? Is it dignifying to have a first lady who has a pornographic past?

How did 'we' get from lamenting Clinton to embracing someone like Trump? He's not even in office and already he's rivalling if not surpassing Clinton in moral debauchery and scandal.

Undoubtedly political expediency 'trumps' all ethics and power and becomes not only the means but the end itself.

Donald Trump is many things but among them he is Judgment on the Christian Right. Their embrace of him is a sign of God's rejection. For all their talk of moral compass, they've lost theirs and seem to be in the process of being handed over.

Whether he wins or not, the Christian Right has crossed a line and it cannot be undone.


  1. Very true, and I won't attempt to offer a justification for Trump support (I myself support no one), but I will offer an excuse/explanation. Given the crazy, all-out, hysterical nature of the "criticism" that's been directed at Trump by All Respectable Folk of both sides of the American uniparty, emphatically including the ersatz "journalists," one is tempted to support him based on the notion that, regardless of what he says and does, anyone who has nearly all the right enemies must have hidden qualities that make him ... well, useful, at least.

    As I say, no excuse. But I think I understand the temptation. How often does the chance come along to use a single act (a Trump vote) to raise a big, prominent middle finger to the faces of so many who have done so much wrong? If I were a voter, I'd have to watch myself rather carefully next week.

  2. I also understand the temptation, but the dignity concern is definitely gone.

    If one wants to adopt the 'burn it all down' approach, then Trump is the guy. I just don't think the majority of his supporters grasp what his administration would mean for American power.

    Actually I can't even imagine what the response would be in 4 years when he's failed to deliver on his promises. Of course, his followers could probably be convinced that he had succeeded!