06 June 2017

Evangelical Testimony in the Islamic Republic of Iran

I've been following a story which broke at the end of last year about the Assemblies of God in Iran. They were accused by Tehran of being collaborators with the American CIA. As a consequence they've had some property seized.

I've been watching and waiting to see if there would be any further developments. The story seems to have gone away. I sincerely hope Iranian Evangelicals are wise enough to stay away from working with Western intelligence agencies. If they do and they're caught they will quickly undo a generation of work.
They need to be very careful. The ayatollahs are undoubtedly looking for any hint of an excuse for a crackdown.
While at this point there's no evidence of Christians in Iran working with the West, it wouldn't be the first time the CIA and other agencies have sought to work through such groups. I hope the CIA retains its evil name among all Iranians, even those who have converted to Christianity.
By all accounts Iran is home to a rapidly growing church. I hope it's solid. I hope and pray a good foundation is being laid. When the Shiite regime falls, and every indicator points to that inevitable reality, the harvest may prove tremendous. The direction Iran goes may end up being as profound as its 1979 revolution. A non-Theocratic Shiite Iran would change the map of the Middle East. Much could be said on that score, but that's for another time.
While perusing this topic I came across the following link. It's interesting in that appeared at a secular progressive website. Take it for what it's worth but I found it kind of interesting.

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