20 October 2016

Ecuador Under Pressure and Hillary's Desire to Drone

Ecuador has cut Julian Assange's internet access. What's going on here? Is Ecuador under serious pressure from the United States? We know that's the case, but it has been for some time. So why now?

Does Ecuador fear a Hillary Clinton presidency? Correa suggests he 'respects' Clinton, but considering the scope of US efforts in Latin America he knows he's skating on thin ice. Trump represents a cultural disaster for US-Latin American relations but in the end Hillary with her aggressive foreign policy might prove worse. Correa's watching how Hillary is maneuvering toward conflict with Russia. Maybe he doesn't want Ecuador to become part of the DNC's Wikileaks-Putin conspiracy.

Hillary has made no bones about Assange. Apparently at one point she suggested 'droning' him, if the story is true.

While no doubt very irritating to Assange the loss of internet connection won't stop the Wikileaks flow. They're going to keep coming and I'm sure some of the best have been saved for last.

The Ecuador capitulation is a tale of US power and its reach. Apparently Ecuador didn't get the memo from Trump and so many on the Right who argue America's not respected any more. Well, maybe not 'respected' but certainly feared.


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