20 October 2016

Trump and Taking Social Stability for Granted

The media is suddenly making a big deal about Trump's refusal to commit to the election results. This is a surprise? He's indicated this all along, but suddenly they seem to be paying attention.

It's been clear that his movement is a sham but one he hopes to capitalise on. This has always been about Donald Trump. I truly wonder if he's even in shock regarding how far he's come? He's setting himself up for his ride off into the sunset. He needs a new business angle, preferably in the realm of entertainment and fame. If that translates into TrumpTV or something along those lines, he's probably fine with that. He's got the silicon enhanced family members to help. Though the optics of his family is pretty repulsive to Christians it actually resonates quite strongly with a large segment of the population.

If the TV/entertainment strategy turns into a new political movement, even better. That by no means would exclude TrumpTV. Agitation, sensationalism and antagonism are a means to market.

None of this surprising. The real Left, the hard Right and the various factions of extreme Libertarianism are all moving off the political spectrum. The system is imploding and we still haven't seen the true social, cultural and political fallout from this election. The consequences of the Obama-Clinton-Sanders betrayals have not yet reached fruition.

American politics might move to the streets. Study the dissident movements of the 1960s if you want a clue as to where it can go. And then study the militia movements of the late 1980s and early 1990s leading up to the Oklahoma City bombing.

If Trump can harness some of these forces, market the message, channel the emotion and build fame and fortune on top of it... be sure that he will.

Of course yes, it subverts democracy. This happened back in 2008 when Sarah Palin didn't want to concede defeat. But as the VP-pick her power was limited. She tried to build a movement and failed. And yet that too was an early chapter in this new story that is being written. It's the story of the 2nd American Civil War. We're on our way and the time is getting short.

I've said it many times and I'm hardly the only one. In many countries when there's a complete collapse of trust and when the election doesn't go your way, you go back home, get your guns and take to the bush.

The United States does indeed have a pretty sterling record of peaceful transition. That time may be coming to an end. Will a Trump non-concession lead to immediate violence. It might but more likely than not it's just another step on the road. The pot will continue to simmer but eventually it will boil over.

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