24 October 2016

John McCain's Concern for the Indiscriminate Bombing of Civilians

John McCain was recently in the news again calling for US intervention in Syria. Never one to shy away from warmongering and ever the champion of American militarism, McCain decried Assad's 'indiscriminate bombing' of civilians and blamed him for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Syrians.

I was left spluttering.

Will no one call out this lying hypocrite? Will no one challenge the filth and bile that pours forth from his mouth?

First of all, yes, hundreds of thousands have died in Syria. Who bears the responsibility for this? Who started the conflict? Who fueled it with money and arms? Who imported foreign jihadis? Who created the conditions that led to the rise of ISIS?

It is John McCain and those like him that have pushed for war, have sought to arm nation states and paramilitary groups. They are always eager to employ militarism as a means to expand American power and influence. The US, its European and Gulf State allies have flooded Syria with arms flowing from US assembly lines and Balkan smuggling routes. They have exported Salafists from the European immigrant community and North Africa and they have done all they can to foment the Syrian Civil War and fan its flames.

Assad, hardly a virtuous leader was nevertheless a source of secular stability. He has fought viciously for his regime's survival and consequently called upon his Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah allies to aid him in the fight. Syria as a political entity is under existential threat and the nation's status is critical for the survival of the many minority communities, of which he is a part.

There is a great deal of blood-guilt on the part of Assad but by no means can any honest assessment ascribe all the blame to him as McCain seems to suggest.

But there's a larger irony to McCain's words.

Indiscriminate Bombing? Why, this is the very thing John McCain himself is guilty of. He was shot down by people trying to defend their country while it was being 'indiscriminately bombed' by an imperial power which had meddled and collaborated with their colonial oppressor, divided their country and was in the process of waging a virtually genocidal war on them and eventually the entire region of Indochina.

John McCain was shot down during Operation Rolling Thunder, the first of the major bombing campaigns that was responsible for tens if not hundreds of thousands of dead. The numbers in Indochina are so staggering as to defy accurate quantification. John McCain is an indiscriminate bomber, a killer of women and children, a criminal and a monster by any moral standard. The world calls him a 'hero' but as Christians we know what we is.... an unrepentant and defiant idolater... a murderer.

The fact that eight years ago many Christians clamoured to offer political support to this filth defies any ethical sensibilities and is indefensible in terms of the New Testament. Their support for McCain was tantamount to apostasy from the faith.

The faithful did not listen to him in the 1970s when he sought to capitalise on his more or less deserved torture at the hands of captors and sought congressional office. If he wants to live by the sword, then let's just say he got off easy. The faithful rejected his testimony in the 1980s when he took up the mantle of Barry Goldwater in Arizona and we continued to reject him as he ran for president in 2000 and 2008.

Today he advocates and pushes for war not just in Syria but also in the Caucasus and the Ukraine. Though his defeat would by no means end American militarism, I had remained somewhat optimistic that his voice would be silenced by his challenge in the primary. McCain the corrupt Arizona Senator plugged into 'big money' and one of the great banking scandals of the 20th century, survived the test and will likely win once more in November 2016. The 80-year old is too arrogant to step down even though his ability to perform is diminished. One way or another he won't be around for too much longer. His time for repentance is running out.

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