31 October 2016

Halloween Compromise


This article is making the rounds. It's the same argument Evangelicals have been making for years.

Evangelicalism and its 'desire' to be relevant is a creature and vehicle of worldly compromise. This article represents scripture manipulation at its finest but somehow manages to ignore the point... what is the argument against Halloween? The article never bothers to interact with the notion. It instead assumes the Dominionist line about conquering and redeeming the culture and it hides its cowardly compromise by pretending to have a robust theology.

I won't re-hash the anti-Halloween argument here. I will provide links at the end of the article but for this piece I will offer a few comments and exhortations.

How about not partaking of the cup of Christ and that of devils?

It is amazing how Evangelicals will bend over backwards to accommodate the world. When you refuse to go along, they call you a retreatist.

No one is retreating. Let me tell you something from long experience. When you refuse to go along with the world it is noticed. When you go along with it and try to dress it up as Christian... you're a joke.

Let me say it again... you're a joke.

And I'll go even further and admit something about non-participation. When you refuse to participate in Halloween or Christmas, to be honest most people don't care. You're trying to be salt and light and most of the world yawns and writes you off as cranks and oddballs.

So what?

Are we not called to be a peculiar and set-apart people? Aren't we told they'll think us strange when don't run after riot and excess as they do? Aren't we told the world will hate us?

Is there anything Evangelicals won't compromise on?

I'm still waiting to find out, but we're rapidly running out of options.

Refuse to participate in Halloween. Teach your children why it's wrong. Let them feel the weight of the world on their shoulders, the burden of antithesis. Prepare them for the Christian life. Prepare them for the cross and our call to glorify God through suffering, ridicule, persecution and more likely than not poverty and alienation.

Have the authors of such pro-Halloween rubbish bothered to read the New Testament or are they too mired in Abraham Kuyper and Francis Schaeffer?

Do you want your children to have a sheltered 'Leave it to Beaver' kind of life?

Forget it. That's not our calling, it wasn't moral then and regardless it's impossible to live that way today. The 1950s dream has been over-romanticised and in truth it was a brief and unsustainable window. It wasn't real and it wasn't rooted in anything half as moral as people think it was.

Stand for Christ.

Halloween is about as easy as it gets. The lines are not blurry or fuzzy when it comes to this issue. It's crystal clear. It's a day that is unredeemable, rooted in heresy and the occult. Have nothing to do with it.

I don't care what the day meant in the Middle Ages vis-à-vis the Roman Catholic liturgical year. There were Christians who rejected the calendar then and there should be now. The Christians of that era suffered for their faith. If they compromised it was to save their lives, not to maintain security and respectability in a wicked society.

Regardless of how it is dressed up or recast Halloween is a wicked holiday and Christians should have nothing to do with.
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