17 December 2016

Balaam Comes to Langley


Evangelicals have cause to celebrate. Pompeo is just the sort of man they want to see in power and especially at the head of an organisation like the Central Intelligence Agency.

A man professing to be a follower of Jesus Christ, the King of the Kingdom not of this world, will now head one of the most pernicious, deceptive and murderous organisations on earth.

To me he represents everything we are being warned about on the pages of the New Testament. I am not impressed by congressmen studying Scripture. Dominionism and American Patriotism are their guiding theologies and the idols which they worship. They serve mammon and bloodshed and Pompeo clearly celebrates these things knowing neither God nor His Word.

We might identify him as something like a Soft Evangelical. His church, the Evangelical Presbyterian (EPC) is not very conservative. It pays lip service to 'major' doctrines while accommodating itself very nicely to modern American culture. It's Evangelicalism to a tee.

Pompeo argues that we have to fight to let the world see that Jesus Christ is the only solution for our world.

In other words we have to fight Holy War, engage in spying, killing, torture and every other evil to bring the message and truth of Jesus Christ to the world.

Pompeo and the organisation he would head are the epitome of lawlessness.

This lost and evil man, this reprobate agent of darkness will soon hold high office in the American Empire. We must pray for him, but should our prayers be answered, he will be removed and repent in dust and ashes. May it come to pass.

Sadly for American Christians, this spiritual harlot and corrupter of the Gospel will represent us to the nation and the world. He is stumbling block to the Church and to its testimony.

Woe and lamentation.



  1. It's almost as if today's Evangelicals (such as this gentleman) want to pick up where the Fourth (or Fifth? Sixth? I lost count) Crusade left off. It will be interesting to see if that historical event plays a more central role in the Trump administration's foreign policy narrative.

  2. Mr. Pompeo is indeed an excellent example of "baptized evil." However, I'd hesitate to proclaim him the epitome, exactly. We can never know the details of what our future holds for us; the epitome may be several steps more evil yet. Back in my younger and even-more-foolish days, I used to contemplate the latest US president in the series -- whomever that may have been in a particular year -- and tell myself, "at least it can't get any worse." Ha! It could. And it did.

    And it will.

    1. Alright, Pompeo may not be the epitome, but the organisation he would head... certainly is.

      I am very curious to see what 2017 will bring us...