04 December 2016

Inbox: How will Trump's presidency affect the progress of Dominionism within the American Church?

A good question.

As of December 2016, I don't really know. On the one hand the Christian Right turning to Trump seems like a defeat of their principles and thus to some extent a self-inflicted death-wound to their movement.

On the other hand it would already seem that Trump isn't going to be what everyone thought he was. He's already reneged on so many things and instead of 'draining the swamp' he's filling his cabinet with Establishment figures. Instead it seems like we're just going to get a crass and tacky version of the Right-wing that we saw under GW Bush and maybe even Reagan.

If he panders to the Christian Right they may feel a sense of entitlement, even reinvigoration and you might indeed see Dominionism surging within the Church and culture.

If he falls into scandal and openly betrays his supporters and disappoints the Christian Right, it may reignite the serious schism that was developing within their ranks... that suddenly seemed to evaporate or at least fade into the background just a month ago when he won the election.

I'm just as curious as anyone to see what happens. My expectations are mostly in the pessimistic direction, but I do have some hope, that maybe a small group of Christian Rightists will be awakened (so to speak) to the morass and filth they have been imbibing and which has entrapped them. Some (I hope) will see the Christian Right for what it is and I can only hope that when they go searching for answers and a way out that they won't get pulled into something else... Rome, Eastern Orthodoxy, Liberal/Emergent Christianity or something else.

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