23 December 2016

Protestant Rosaries are Next


How do you beat the post-Christmas blues? Recover the ancient tradition of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Of course the author neglected to mention that they culminate in Epiphany. That might be a little too much for some Evangelicals.

But I don't know why? At this point they've embraced Advent and many have also embraced Lent. Why not embrace it all then?

Of course these things are approached pragmatically, even in a consumerist fashion. Try it, you'll like it. It works, it will make things better.

It's not because they are authoritative but it's clear the author believes they are indeed holy. I appreciate her candor, even if woefully misguided.

This is also part of the Culture War. Evangelicals feel like they're losing and so by expanding the territory it feels like gains are being made.

Once again this is all opening the door toward further ecumenicism... but the unity they seek is based not on Scripture but on the identification of God's Kingdom with the West and commitment to Dominionist ideals.

Evangelicalism pays lip service to Scripture but abandoned it long ago. Interviews like this with an Anglican author writing for Christianity Today only emphasise the point.

It stands to reason that if the calendar is being embraced, if Evangelicals are 'lighting a candle' to pray and worship, it won't be long before other elements of historic Roman Catholicism find their way into the odious cesspit that passes for Evangelical ecclesiology.

I fully expect to see a Protestant version of the rosary. The question isn't if, but when.


  1. http://www.ecumenicalrosary.org/


  2. Sign me up!

    I knew there were already some 'options' out there but I'm still waiting for a Prayer of Jabez-type product accompanied with the marketing, a genuine fad.

    It will happen eventually. It's inevitable.