31 December 2016

M5S Leader Calls for Mass Deportations

Beppe Grillo is the leader of the 5-Star Movement, a rising power in Italian politics. While not technically part of the European Far Right Grillo is also calling for the mass deportation of refugees.

M5S represents a new type of political model. It's populist and yet in many ways defies the Left-Right divide. It's pulling from all sides of the spectrum and while this particular position sounds reminiscent of Donald Trump, many of M5S positions would strike a chord with Bernie Sanders followers.

The Italian Establishment is trembling at the prospect of M5S taking power in 2017. Italy's place in the Eurozone is sure to be a top issue in the election. The following Guardian article also (rightly) brings up the interesting interplay between M5S and the Lega Nord (Northern League).

While hardly cut from the same ideological cloth, the labyrinth of Italian politics has brought them together on a few points, name Italy's position vis-à-vis Europe. The Northern League is a secessionist movement that wants to break from Rome and Southern Italy. Politically oriented toward the Right it is also Eurosceptic. Though M5S doesn't want to partition the Italian peninsula, they share the Northern League's hostility to Brussels.

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  1. Interesting developments as M5S and Lega Nord are trying to work together. Not sure if they're compatible but it would be a major coup for M5S and Berlusconi's Forza would be left looking quite weak.


    But Berlusconi is a sorcerer, he may yet turn this thing around. If Forza joins up with M5S.... that would be tricky.... it would once again make him the king-maker.

    But if M5S works with Forza... then M5S is basically dead. It would no longer be populist but a sell-out, joining with the Establishment parties.