24 February 2017

Buried Secrets of the Balkan Wars

Not a few will be watching these Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) trials for clues and indications of US Deep State involvement. Numerous military contractors as well as indication of intelligence services involvement have been identified as working within Croatia and Kosovo before and during the 1995 and 1999 wars that were the death of Yugoslavia.

There's every reason to believe these wars were at least in part orchestrated and fomented in order to fulfill NATO objectives. The British government through MI6, Special Air Service (SAS) as well as the American CIA and numerous private military contractors worked to train and arm the KLA.
The Serbs received a great deal of negative press in the West and were castigated for various war crimes and atrocities. True enough to be sure but Western media was giving the Croatians and later the Kosovar Albanians a free pass. The KLA was ruthless and just as brutal as the Serbs. What all will come out in these trials? We'll have to wait and see.
I know one person who has to be a little nervous: Hashim Thaçi. The current president of Kosovo was a prominent leader within the KLA. Completely supported by the United States, this criminal, terrorist and murderer will look to Washington and Whitehall for diplomatic support. And yet he may learn, as so many others have, that the Imperial powers will with little hesitation 'dump' you, close a chapter of history and start a new one with a new proxy agent. He would hardly be the first former ally to be betrayed by the very masters and system that created him, backed him and placed him into power.
The Balkan Wars mark the shift in NATO policy, a deliberate strategy of expansion and the consolidation of power. It's also the beginning of an earnest project to re-frame the nature of interventions. During the 1990s there was a dearth of 'bad-guys'. There were no serious geopolitical threats to US power and so a new model was developed. Rogue states and humanitarian abuses would provide justification for US and NATO intervention. This is the world policeman model. Consequently many if not most of the humanitarian reporting organisations and NGO's were flooded with money, corrupted, bought and ultimately controlled. Today, many groups like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are little more than propaganda arms of the State Department and Langley. Some are even heavily infiltrated by personnel 'formerly' connected to intelligence agencies.
While new adversaries have arisen in China and Russia the utilisation of these so-called humanitarian organisations are still being utilised with regard to the various proxy conflicts. Their corruption has become rather blatant as they tend to conveniently ignore humanitarian situations that don't happen to correspond with the wishes of the US Deep State.
This episode contains even darker secrets. In the Balkan Wars we have yet another occasion of US collusion with Islamic terrorists and once again (and no surprise) drug smuggling comes into the picture. Since this was largely facilitated by Turkish-Albanian connections it's easy for Langley to brush off accusations but when investigated it once again turns out that not only is the Turkish Deep State involved, NATO and certainly intelligence service-connected figures also come to the fore. It's not even shocking any more. Drugs are in the end the easiest and most lucrative way to raise funds for black operations. The appropriation and support of Albanian organised crime and smugglers, bringing the heroin from Afghanistan to Turkey, the Balkans and into Western Europe follows a pattern we've seen in Indochina and Central America. In every case independent journalists, leaks, and even government backed investigations have always turned up the same evidence... intelligence services participating in the drug trade. It's always done to finance secret wars or start new ones. The Balkans were no exception.
When you look at the ruthless projects of the 1990s to quickly devour the Eastern Bloc and Russia itself, this seemingly desperate and reckless alliance makes sense. When you probe the past and consider the totality of US covert operations after 1945... it's business as usual. The CIA is more at home in the company of terrorists and organised crime then they are answering to a congressional committee.
Let's see what comes of these trials. What would be really helpful is if some of the information was leaked to Wikileaks and made available to the public. Will it make a difference? I doubt it.
For me I cannot help but be interested in this period. This is when I was in the US military. Stationed in Europe I was part of the logistical support for the Bosnian War. My then recent conversion to Christianity and my knowledge of history created an unease about what I was doing, what I was seeing, what I was part of and what I was being told. It started me on a quest. Studying Scripture and history I soon knew one thing... I wanted out of the military and wanted nothing to do with it or its operations. I engaged in a massive struggle with the military bureaucracy and thankfully for me the 1990s was a time of downsizing and cutbacks. After a protracted struggle I was able to get out somewhat early. I threw my uniforms and medals in the rubbish bin and in terms of motive I have never looked back.

I saved one of the medal 'certificates' that you're supposed to hang on the wall to accompany the actual medal. I occasionally get it out and read the narrative about all my 'service' provided vis-à-vis 'war torn Bosnia' and to be honest it makes me kind of sick. It was all a pack of lies and still is. It was and continues to be part of the US Imperial project. I was a grunt for empire, part of the web of lies and the murder machine. The humanitarian argument for intervention was just a facade, convenient packaging for public consumption.


  1. I was stunned at first when I read the first few paragraphs of this article given that Albania has been the United States' most enthusiastic ally in the Balkans since the conclusion of the Cold War (if I recall correctly, there's even a statue of George W. Bush somewhere in Tirana).

    What's even more enigmatic about this is that during the Cold War, Albania was probably the most ideologically hard-line Communist state, having broken with the USSR in 1960 over Khrushchev's denunciation of Stalin and then China in 1978-79, after the death of Mao, when Deng Xiaoping began introducing economic reforms.

    Of course, it's likely that the isolationist course Albania took under Enver Hoxha, the country's dogmatic leader, laid the foundation for the nationalism that emerged in the 1990s and continues to the present day. No longer under Communist restrictions, they eagerly embraced any aid the United States could give in their war against the Serbs in Kosovo.

  2. I think nationalism re-emerged in the vacuum of the 1990s and there was a real threat of Serbian irrendentism. Serbian nationalism is nothing less than fanatical. Looking for security in a dangerous neighbourhood the elites and mafia threw in with the US project.

    But the US frequently crumples up the old arrangement, throws it away and starts with a clean slate. If people talk too much, they end up locked up, under threat or dead.

    What you say is true. Albania under Hoxha was the ultra-fanatical Maoist state. Talk about a pendulum swing!

    What's still unclear to me is the range of the factions that have emerged in recent years. There are apparently some who are becoming a little less than enthusiastic about the EU and all it represents. Also the criminality of many of these folks may be catching up with them and there's a good deal of bitterness and betrayal. It's almost like there's the underground side of US policy with the intelligence services, private mercenary contractors, front companies etc...

    Then later, many of these people who did all the dirty work get spurned and burned by the official Brussels and US State Dept apparatus that comes in. Then if they were involved in the US or with US companies the FBI gets involved and comes after them. Since its been a few years unless they stayed active with the CIA et al. they're left out to dry.

  3. You bet their suffering a panic attack. The thing is so are elements within the CIA, MI6 and the BND. They all played their part in the KLA's deeds.

    And yet once again there's the official bureaucracy, located within the US State Department, Brussels and the UK Foreign Office... they play one role and this role is often at odds with the Deep State.
    The real 'powers' are the figures that transcend and pardon the expression 'straddle' the two spheres.

    For the KLA folks, this is but another case of back-stab. They will bow to the will of their western masters if they will but save them from the western bureaucratic institutions. If not, they'll go down and like Noriega, their tales will be suppressed.