08 February 2017

Ukrainian Intrigues at the National Prayer Breakfast

What is most remarkable to me about this article is that Yulia Tymoshenko who had all but disappeared from the public eye after her release from prison and failed election bid in 2014 is apparently still in the picture... but operating somewhat in the background.

After coming in a distant second to Poroshenko in the 2014 election it seemed as if her star had fallen and her political career may have come to an end. She was also buffeted by many (probably valid) allegations of corruption. I think a case could be made that she's been a creature of Washington all along. She's by no means the only Ukrainian or Russian oligarch backed and manipulated by the United States.
Her faction while weak in the Ukrainian parliament is backed by the United States and her appearance at both the Heritage Foundation and the Hudson Institute, let alone her meeting with Trump are telling. These Right-wing think tanks are highly influential and Heritage in particular has long played a role in directly crafting policy for Republican administrations. And Heritage now headed by Dominionist Jim DeMint is notorious for providing the diplomatic and geostrategic plans for wars, proxy wars and paramilitary operations. Their record is quite bloody.  And they are no mere academic study-center. Heritage has long been both connected to and a vehicle of the Deep State. Her presence there demonstrates that at least some Heritage architects are backing her plan and vision for Ukraine.
Moscow no doubt will find this news alarming and it indicates the Trump administration is not looking to back down in the Donbass. The clandestine intrigues along with the very open sanctions will continue.
And as the article indicates, Poroshenko was less than pleased with the meeting as Tymoshenko represents a threat to his power. Washington is not overly pleased with their satrap and Tymoshenko's presence in Washington is a sign of warning. It wouldn't be the first time one satrap is replaced by another who promises obedience to the Washington agenda.
The tragedy is and continues to be that Eastern Ukraine was a place with a vibrant and growing Christian presence and one in which Russian and Ukrainian Christians lived and worshipped in harmony. These congregations have been rent asunder, in some cases their humble buildings lie in ruins and their people scattered to the winds. Nationalism and the realities of war tore apart these congregations and it is tragic.
Peace does not seem to be on the horizon.

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