04 February 2017

The Only Solution: Lie, Steal, Torture and Murder to the Glory of God

Pompeo, the professed Evangelical Christian who now heads the CIA stands up and dares to speak as a Christian and proclaim that Jesus is the only solution to the world's problems.
The 'only' solution he insists.
Would that he believed it.

I understand nations are going to wage wars and feed lines and propaganda to their public. This is the nature of power in this world.
But I have a real problem with someone who professes to be a Christian and then stands up and dares to proclaim Jesus is the only solution while heading what is undoubtedly one of the most evil organisations in the world.
This is Dominionism for you. They call Two Kingdom adherents 'Sunday Only' Christians because we say that many, most or even all occupations and tasks in culture are something less than holy.
Pompeo and the lost and deceived people who support him believe he is glorifying God in this office, in this vocation.
The only vocation Scripture speaks of is our calling to be Christians.
It knows nothing of 'vocations' or 'callings'... in other words 'jobs' that are somehow made into holy Kingdom-building endeavours. The Scriptures that speak of whatsoever we do is to be done to the glory of God have been wrested from their context and a great many things have been read into them.
If anything the exhortation is to not do certain things out of love and consideration for neighbour and brethren. Dominionists take these verses as a means of endorsing any work, just as long as you do it to God's glory.
That is clearly not the case. It's not what the New Testament teaches nor is it what the Early Church believed and practiced. There are some jobs that cannot glorify God, jobs that are by definition sinful and we must have nothing to do with them.
Dominionist doctrine eliminates any notion of antithesis between the Church and the World. Paul's 1 Corinthians inquiry regarding what does he have to do with those who are outside, becomes meaningless in a Dominionist framework.
There is no 'outside'. There is no 'other' that is not part of the Church. Therefore if a job has to be done to run a society and society must be holy (for everything is God's Kingdom) then by this tortured and erroneous logic all jobs have to be reckoned or transformed into something holy.
A transformation does indeed take place but from a Christian standpoint it's a reversal, an inversion. The Church doesn't transform the world, instead the world transforms the Church.
With regard to Mr. Pompeo and his Christian witness in heading the CIA, this inversion and frankly perversion of Christian truth and witness couldn't be made any more clear.
What is the CIA?
I seem to recall ex-agent Robert Baer candidly admitting that what CIA agents do is lie and steal.
That is at the essence of what the organisation is all about. It lies and steals to strengthen the nation.
We could add torture and murder but of course that's not something that's openly discussed. And yet we all know that's what the organisation is all about.
The CIA is an organisation that lies, cheats, steals, tortures and murders.
But it's all okay because it serves the nation. It is virtuous to do evil that good may come. In fact this theology can take what's evil and... call it good, even an act of love. Pompeo can build Christ's Kingdom and worship God with his work even while presiding over these activities.
This is a gross perversion of morality and ethics. This is the doctrine of Babel, worshipping God by terms defined by man and for the glory of man.
If say, Jesse Ventura headed the CIA I wouldn't be that surprised. He's godless, a railer and blasphemer.  I don't expect much of him. It would just another chapter of the dead burying the dead.
But Pompeo professes to be a follower of Jesus Christ.
Pompeo is an enemy of Jesus Christ. He is a blasphemer who takes the name of Christ in vain.
'Only Jesus'?
Would that he believed it! The 'Jesus' Pompeo serves is not the Jesus of the New Testament. CIA-Jesus is his own creation. It is Christ wearing an American flag, assault rifle in hand.
Jesus will come in violence and Divine Holy Judgment bearing the sword and it is on that great and terrible day that Pompeo and all the false prophets, all the horned lambs speaking with the voice of a dragon will find out that in the end...
Their place will be worse than that of the Islamic terrorists and killers they would hunt down and destroy.
In terms of the Church, Pompeo and those who support him are far more dangerous than al-Baghdadi, al-Zawahiri or yes, even Obama.
The Christian president George Bush killed far more people, far more innocents than Osama bin Laden ever did. The fact that his wars were viewed by Christians as essentially Christian Wars makes his deeds far more egregious.
These men are the absolute enemies of Christ and the Church has been plagued by their ilk since the days of Constantine. God help them.
Praise the Lord the lines are becoming clear once more. It's becoming easier to tell who is a servant of Christ and who is a counterfeit. When you can barely find a church to attend on a Sunday morning that isn't blaspheming Christ... you know what time it is. Things become clear and simple.


  1. Pompeo applying his 'Christian' worldview. One set of ethics Monday through Saturday and then a different line for Sunday.

    As if any of these people separate their personal from professional lives.


  2. 2 Things:

    1) I think I'd include Obama and all main-line Protestants on the list. Even if it's more apparent they're apostates in what they say, they still confess Christ. Pelosi cited Augustine and the creationist/traducian debate on why abortions are ok. If they say they're a Christian, even if clearly a liberal and not, it's still blasphemy, especially the Nobel Peace prize winning family man.

    2) I'd actually be really surprised if Ventura was put in charge of the CIA. He'd probably self-destruct it, if he had not completely sold out at that point. That'd be a big change for him, given his "railings" as you put it! :)

  3. I did not mean to suggest that Ventura would ever be put in charge of something like the CIA. I used him as an example of a crude and patently godless person.

    Yes I know one can include figures like Pelosi, Obama and Clinton on the list of apostates but I tend to view Roman Catholics and the Mainline Protestants as analogous to Israel/Samaria. They are Christians only in the most broad and loose sense. Their professions are virtually unworthy of consideration. Pompeo and the Christian Right are in a different category. In terms of the Church, they are more like idolatrous and apostate Judaeans, operating within the confines of what can broadly be termed 'orthodoxy' and yet clearly represent a serious defection from the Biblical faith.

    But I agree Obama and Pelosi's appeals to Christianity are blasphemous occasions of taking the Lord's Name in vain.

    1. It would be funny if Ventura were put in charge of it. Think of the institutional chaos!