20 January 2015

I am not Charlie

What happened in France was indeed tragic but it's also tragic that for all the attention given to this, round-the-clock news coverage, demonstrations, world leaders on parade etc, few seem to care about the mass slaughter in Nigeria. It's received some coverage, but nothing like the coverage in France.

Where's the outrage over the deaths of Palestinians? I suppose many will blame them for their sorrows.

What about Ebola? Have you noticed that no one really cares unless a white person catches it? Then it makes the news. Otherwise it's already quickly fading from memory.

I'm not trying to make light of the deaths of the people in France. They didn't deserve to die. But were they wholly innocent?

You can't poke at Jews or Blacks that way. It won't be tolerated. I supposed Blacks are a race and Jews... no one is clear... are they a race or a religion? Regardless of what they are perceived to be, they are unassailable. But Muslims? In 2015 Europe, it's open season on Muslims.

There are lines and limits to free speech and the Charlie cartoons were just trash. They weren't constructive or even instructive. Given the context of the Muslim community in France and the state of the Muslim world, to poke at them in such a way was to invite violence.

I know many Christians will say, "Look at us! We don't strike out when our religion is insulted." We don't go after South Park.


It's true that most Christians won't utilize violence to strike out those who mock them. But I contend that many or even most American Christians do become violent when you insult their real god... America. Then, they'll threaten you and if able bomb you back to the Stone Age. They're obviously not adverse to utilizing violence. I guess it's just a matter of priorities.

Of course we could speak of Blowback. We could speak of Terrorism, but no one will be able to agree on the definition of what Terrorism is. If the context was different, many of the same people who cry 'I am Charlie' might praise the actions of the gunmen. They'll deny it, but those who pay attention to history know better. If these men were terrorists then why are the guerilla groups supported by the West called Freedom Fighters? It's a matter of perspective. To the people on the receiving end a Death Squad doesn't seem like Freedom Fighters to them.

It's all murder. I condemn the Charlie Hebdo murders but I am not Charlie and for Turkey's Davutoglu, Bongo of Gabon, Orban, Al-Sisi and Netanyahu to be at the rally made it ridiculous. I could also mention David Cameron and Attorney-General Eric Holder, but I wonder how many would understand how the British and American systems have also crushed journalism, freedom of speech and the free press?

To assert that these leaders somehow represent freedom of speech and the press isn't just a mockery, it's absurd.


  1. I end up seeing bits and pieces of "Fox & Friends", which is truly abysmal. However, I remember them freaking out when Chris Rock made jokes involving September 11th. They were highly critical and considered him classless and unAmerican (which is almost a denial of humanity for them). Then months later Charlie Hebdo happens...How dare these Muslims? Free speech is free speech, you can insult anyone and no one should be hurt!

    At the end of the day, as Al-Jazeera points out (to their own criticism), there is an anti-Muslim sentiment that is rampant. We obsess over the specter of ISIS when more beheadings and murders and cult-like activity happens in Mexico with the Cartel's steady advance of influence and the increasing worship of Santa Muerta. How many Americans are concerned? None, because the Cartels will not be a serious competitor to the religion of Americana. ISIS is in the way of our global political dreams, the Cartel can be bought off.

    Really, as it has always been, it's a war of the gods. Like the worship of Roma and the Caesars, you can worship any gods as long as it is within the shrine of America. Allah, and ISIS, threatens that existentially. Sadly Christians, by and large, have forsaken Christ, and built their own Jeroboam-esque altar in Washington.

    Not to sound Hegelian, but Islam is the anti-thesis to the Paganism of RomAmerica. The war is a battle over liturgy in the worship of Death. It's this clash of beasts that the faithful live beneath and continue to spread the Gospel, the Victory of Christ and end of all beasts and demons, yea, even death.

    Je Suis Christien,

  2. John, your mention of the violence of Nigeria brought to mind the similar observation made by Jon Stewart on his Daily Show: http://thedailyshow.cc.com/videos/380ulg/boko-haram----bringbackoursongs. I bit crude at times, but the social commentary is sharp, and hits home many times. Mark

  3. Good comments Cal.

    And Mark, thanks for the link. It's sad that lost guys like Stewart and Colbert sometimes have more insight than either the mainstream media or the professing Christian media. I watch a YouTube clip every once in awhile just to see what they're talking about. Al Mohler decries the fact that a lot of young people are using shows like this as their primary new source. That is too bad. However when polled they still have more knowledge about many current events than the average Fox viewer! That's especially sad when you consider in the end they are just comedy shows.

  4. Finally, a voice of wisdom. Thank you Pilgrim Underground.

    Was it OK to mock the sensibilities of Muslems and what they consider Holy? No. It was unnecessary. It was defiant and provocative. Media provokes, yet so many christians follow the pied pipers of Fox News, and all media, left or right and jump on any bandwagon, and call evil good and good evil.

    All these world events are showing who the sheep and the goats are. The sheep, who think they are on the righteous path (in Christ) don't display compassion in their language, and thus, prevent unbelievers from entering in. Watching news is almost anathema to the Gospel. It tries to twist our minds into taking sides. However, each side isn't on the Lord's side. I want to be on the Lord's side, praise His Name!