03 January 2015

The American Legal System on Display via Podcast


Some of you may have already heard of this podcast. I listened to it as it was been released week by week. It was interesting but a little frustrating too.

I think the takeaway for us is that it provides a reasonably detailed yet understandable and certainly gritty portrayal of the complexities of the justice system. It unquestionably dispels any assurance that such cases are cut and dry. When you consider questions regarding the nature of evidence and witness testimony you realize that many convictions are in fact somewhat dubious.

Not everyone will have the time or inclination to wade through these podcasts. But if you do, you will hopefully gain some knowledge and wisdom.

I've been taking an interest in these types of stories for many years. Once you start learning about the American legal system your surprise if not shock, will certainly increase. Just when I think I've heard it all, I learn something new.



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