22 March 2015

The Manufactured Reality of Ted Cruz and his Father

Wow, this guy knows absolutely nothing about Scripture or the God of Scripture. The Bible is just a book of power to him, a means of gain. The Covenant and Kingdom are concepts unknown to him. To apply the Mosaic Covenant to America is de-covenantalize Moses and Christ. It is an act of sacrilege. Was the Law for Edomites or Egyptians? The Mosaic Epoch was a Theocracy not a democratic republic. It cannot be replicated.

He is unbelievably blind about the record of the party he wishes to promote, let alone his 'village idiot' son! He is truly blind when it comes to understanding what power is and what it does. And finally he doesn't understand the first thing about Constitutional law. He doesn't understand that subsequent amendments modify previous statements in the Constitution. That's why they're amendments. They're changes. The 14th amendment (like it or not) significantly alters the role of the federal government.

The Republican party for years tried to play up the Civil War and the role of Lincoln and the Republican party. But in their battles to cast down The Great Society and The New Deal they have finally and painfully realized these things were birthed out of the Progressive Era all predicated on the post-Civil War amendments and a new role for the Federal Government.
It rests on the work done by the Republican Party of old. The Republicans have never opposed big government as long as they're in control of it and shaping the agenda. During the Progressive Era and The Great Depression it got away from them and it wasn't until Reagan that they started to undo what had previously been done. But they want to strike at the root.

Though their propaganda trumpets Lincoln and the birth of the Republican party, they hate him and especially the Radical Republicans who pushed through the amendments after the war. They laid the groundwork for everything that's happened in the 20th century. Few of them will openly admit it, but it's really 1861 all over again and they'd like to reconsider the Confederacy and States Rights.
I say this as one who equally despises both sides in that accursed war.

Scary indeed but not surprising. Thankfully for the world, Mr. Cruz is not only ineligible for president being born in Canada, but he doesn't have a chance.