02 November 2015

The Guns of November?


Another helpful Margolis commentary. I think a lot more could be said with regard to the legality of US actions in the region but regardless he draws out the necessary point. While China is hardly some kind of moral exemplar, the American presence in the region, their provocations as well as their alliances play no small part in driving China toward its own questionable moves.

The American course post 2001 has driven the world to the brink of catastrophe. The overall situation has become quite dangerous. Right-wing pundits who chalk this up to Obama's geopolitical ineptness are failing to take in the big picture and the totality of events and consequences of American foreign policy dating back at least to 2001. They've also misunderstood the nature of his policy. While it is packaged differently it hardly represents a departure from American Imperialism.

The story is actually older than 2001, and cannot be divorced from the fallout of 1989. The present crisis is much bigger than Iraq and Syria though they play no small part and serve as flashpoints.

Pray for the peace of the city, for the peace of Babylon whether that Babylon be China, Russia, Iran or America. If the bullets start flying and the bombs start dropping it won't really matter who made what move first. There's plenty of blame to go around but it is the innocent who will suffer and it is the Church that will be thrown into the swirl of chaos and confusion.

It is amazing to watch these events and see the patterns of history reappearing. Those who thought 1989/2001 represented a new paradigm for the world are the authors of crisis and provocation. Their hypothesis is failing the verification test but their refusal to accept this and their attempt to force the desired result may unleash unspeakable calamity.

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