15 April 2016

Privatised Sociological and Census Data

Lockheed Martin epitomises the Military-Industrial Complex and the Corporate Establishment. These articles are several years old but the issue keeps coming to the surface. It's been on my mind over the past few days so I dug up these links.

Why is a company like Lockheed Martin getting involved in the UK and Canadian census? Why is the biggest government contractor in the United States and one of the wealthiest and most powerful corporations in the world collecting census data on citizens in other countries?

In terms of legalities we already know the US-UK work together to collect data on their own citizens. If there's a legal roadblock, the US spies for the UK and vice-versa. Of course if you have a trans-national privatised company that's completely linked in with the Intel sector the lines get pretty blurry. What's internal contract work and what's subject to requiring a government subpoena?

It really comes down to what type of data you're looking for, something admissible or not? Of course all you have to do is find probable cause and you can go to any of the secret courts for a blank cheque.

It's hard to believe a CIA or MI6 consultant on one project can't get access to other internal data systems. I'm sure they compartmentalise and I'm also sure there are ways around it.

How many members of the Right-wing and Christian Right whine about 'Big Brother' and yet work for this company, one of its subsidiaries, another company that contracts with it, or own stock in it? If you have a mutual fund or 401k there's a reasonable chance you've got a piece of it.

The legalities are man-made and yet the laws (as poor as they may be) are there for a reason. A stockholder or employee bears no legal culpability but that in no ways eliminates your moral responsibility. Do we just shrug our shoulders as others make mockery of the law, let alone higher Divine laws? We don't retaliate but we ought to reconsider participation, let alone profit!

Government expansion is rarely a good thing, but this Public-Private partnership business is the worst of all. It's all being done for a profit motive and is thus mercenary and exploitative. It expands government and further perverts and distorts its motivations.

Lockheed and other corporations are collecting all kinds of sociological and healthcare data, and this is being combined with census statistic etc...

We might also add they are getting into utility company data as well as cyber-security data analysis.

The question is... how long before the government via corporations like Lockheed Martin have a detailed profile on every citizen?

Perhaps they already do.

Look at what they are doing...

Whether you care about unions or not is beside the point.

This is effectively the continuation of the Total Information Awareness Program that was formed in the wake of 9/11 and then 'officially' scrapped due to public protest. They have parceled it out and it would seem that outsourcing has proven an effective method.

Again, remember a company like Lockheed is not only working with Intel, military and Homeland Security agents on a daily basis but there are also many 'civilians' working for the company that float between these worlds. You could say the company is heavily infiltrated but you could just as easily say Lockheed has heavily infiltrated these government agencies.

Both statements are true, but also false because there's no dichotomy to begin with. This is how the American System functions.

We can safely say the Bill of Rights is dead and the foundations and framework are being established for Thoughtcrime.

So many are worried about the government collecting your data and controlling you. How about corporate America? How about your employer, where you shop etc...?

Again, the Stasi could not have imagined this in their wildest dreams.

When will people wake up? The US and its history have been one big lie but it has now reached the point that they can't even fake it anymore. Anyone working for the government is not 'defending our freedom'... more likely they are working to eliminate it whether they know it or not.

There's a real fear of the new Cyber-Society and the Establishment is moving aggressively to establish an apparatus that will help them maintain control.

What can we do? Probably nothing but we can certainly quit buying into the lies and proclaim the truth to others. We can expose the Babel-Beast for what it is. I expect the lost world to always embrace some form of bestial power for security and meaning.

But perhaps we can save a few from the overwhelming tide of idolatry and apostasy. The truth is many Christian conservatives are upset when it's the Obama administration engaged in this sort of thing but if the 'right person' is in charge they are quite keen to support it. We've already seen it happen.

What, don't you want to study with Gerald Crumby?

I'm sorry I can't take someone seriously who has spent their entire adult life working for criminals and inventors of evil things. I can't believe that someone has grasped the New Testament when they have led a very comfortable existence profiting from such endeavours and reaping the fruits of a company as corrupt and power-mad as the people within General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin.

I'm sorry I just can't see myself submitting to the oversight of someone like this elder, someone who has made a career engineering these evil devices that kill people, that spread empire and that threaten all who fail to comply with its wishes. And though I'm sure that in his mind he's just an 'innocent engineer' labouring over blueprints and computer models, he's part of a massive machine that shapes government policy, corrupts politicians and helps to spread war and murder across the globe.

Am I going to listen to him give counsel or teach the New Testament? I think not. His church professes to follow Scripture. I think that claim can be challenged on multiple grounds.

These are but two examples.

I guess I would ask these men... where would you draw the line? At what point would you say, 'This is a company I don't want to work for'?

Will these men help their companies collect data on churches and Christians?

Are they Originalists as many Evangelicals profess to be? If so, how can they work for a company that labours to undermine the government and rights laid out by the Founders?

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  1. Thanks for bringing this up. I agonize over this as I have had friends who have worked, or are working, in the Defense industry. You don't have do be the CIA bought assassin pulling the trigger or serving the spiked drink to be apart of the death machine. I don't have strong enough relations, though in the twilight hours I want to grab them and say "What are you doing?! Do you not care where your paycheck comes from?!". But then I think on my many crimes, and I am ashamed. I guess it's a subtle and relentless witness, calm and uncompromised.

    Or, maybe I should get myself arrested protesting or something to make a point. ;)