16 April 2016

Russia's Response to American Aggression


Can you even imagine if Russian ships were sailing in the Gulf of Mexico near the coast of Louisiana or Texas? What if they were sailing between Catalina Island and Long Beach? What if they were conducting war exercises... with Mexico?

Do you think the United States would put up with it? The US is the one provoking. Russia is responding. There's a big difference but our media won't report the story. Russia is always presented as the aggressor.

Russia is a lot of things but Putin endured a lot from the United States (and for many years) before he started to respond. His 'blocks' to US 'moves' are pretty minor considering the magnitude of US aggression.

The US is pushing for war. That much is clear and has been for some time. The US is determined to maintain dominance and began in earnest to destroy the remnants of Russia in the 1990s. They almost succeeded but then Putin came along. He was Yeltsin's parting gift. Yeltsin was corrupt and knew he had sold his country out. His last act was one of courage, an attempt to overshadow and undo his years of capitulation. Putin is viewed as a hero. The West focuses on the dissent and there is plenty of it but to many Russians he's something of a saviour to them, the father of a new Russia. They know he's corrupt but the Russian populace seems to intuitively know something the American public does not... all politicians are corrupt. That's the nature of power. Rather than look for another liar who tries to tell you he's different they look for someone who gets results, who will lead, who will take on their enemies and protect them.

The flyovers are not an act of aggression. They are a response to aggression. They are a warning to back off.

Putin knows he cannot defeat the United States in open war and unlike some of the madmen in the White House and Pentagon he's unwilling to consider small-scale nuclear exchanges. He knows that if he ever pressed any button, it's game over. The United States is actually far more dangerous in this arena. The policy makers are quite open to exploring the use of tactical nuclear weapons. It is the United States that is the greatest nuclear threat and the greatest threat to world security.

Putin is often described as a thug. Fine, he's a thug. Does he order killings? Yes. Does he go after his enemies? Yes. Does he hide money, is he engaged in dirty business deals? Yes.

But the leaders of the US Establishment are guilty of all these things ten-fold and the US remains the greatest murder machine and terrorist of our day. The American public cannot see this because they are lied to, deceived, distracted and largely brainwashed by a continuous litany of propaganda and cult-like devotion to the state.

We were all led to believe that Reagan and Gorbachev had become friends. Peace was upon us. Russia would become an ally. And then we couldn't understand why that wasn't happening.

It was all lies and misperception.

The Untied States never meant to make peace and the US Establishment has been on a quest to destroy Russia, corrupt it, loot it and cast it down.

John Kerry, a person who rose to prominence in the wake of US lies and Pentagon Paper revelations now helps to perpetuate the same deceit, deception and militarism that led to the debacle that was Vietnam. After his activities in early 1970s, his rise in Congress, his familiarity with the Iran-Contra and BCCI scandals, he now represents the very forces he once criticised. He is the arch-hypocrite, corrupted by power. Anyone listening to his criticism of Russia or any other nation for that matter should be offended. His very presence and voice are offensive.

This is not meant to be an apologia for Putin's Russia. It is not a virtuous regime by any means. But the United States has no leg to stand on and it is morally offensive if not maddening to watch the tensions unfold. Hate and war are being stirred up through a smokescreen of lies.

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