16 July 2016

A False Coup Pinned on the Deep State?

In the Byzantine world of Turkish politics this interpretation was inevitable... the suggestion that the coup itself was fake. It was an attempt by Erdogan to consolidate power.

At this point in time I don't think that's the case but it wouldn't be impossible. The main point that can be made in favour of this argument is the coup's poor planning. At least it seems as if the plot was poorly planned and executed. The details are not yet known. Who was on the helicopter that was shot down? Did aspects of the plan fail? Was there a failed attempt to grab Erdogan?

There may have been key components of the plot that if unsuccessful, would have led to its quick collapse.

I would not put it beyond Erdogan to engage in such a plot but I think this view (as is the case with most media coverage) ignores the greater context of Erdogan and Turkey's geopolitical position post 9/11.


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  2. I'm not a big fan of James Corbett but he did make a good point. The mainstream media has no problem asserting that the coup may have been a false flag conspiracy on the part of Erdogan. Of course if anyone ever suggests that when it comes to a close US ally, then immediately they're decried as conspiracy nuts.

    It's also clear when reviewing the sequence of events that Washington was less than robust in condemning the coup attempt, that is until it seemed doomed to fail. They're weren't going to openly support it, but had it been taking place in other nations the response would have been very different.

    Only the Alternative Media seems to understand that Erdogan's accusations regarding Gulen are tantamount to accusing Obama.

    Finally, the media has failed to report the significant events taking place with regard to Incirlik AB. The top general being arrested is very significant among other things.

    The media also continues to support the State Dept. line about needed a formal request for extradition with evidence in order for the US to consider deporting Gulen.

    This must be particularly outrageous to Ankara as they have been requesting his extradition for years and have provided a great deal of evidence pointing to his conspiratorial activities regarding the Turkish state.

    The truth of the matter is... he's Washington's (Langley's) creature. They will delay his extradition. He's an old man but he had best beware. The US has a long record of turning on its old allies and leaving them out in the cold.