08 July 2016

Teary Blair

Tony Blair won't be going to The Hague to face charges at the ICC. He needn't fear that but I thought it interesting that he teared up while interacting with the press.

Is he genuinely remorseful about the Iraq War and the fact that the Chilcot Report has found him at fault in leading the country into a war on false pretenses?

I don't think so. Tony Blair has done very well for himself.

I think this article only scratches the surface. This exposes only the tip of the iceberg with regard to his corruption and immorality.

I think Tony Blair is in tears because his legacy is in shambles. He will always be remembered for this and with bitterness. For an ex-PM or president, the legacy is everything if Blair is ever rehabilitated he probably won't live to see it.


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  2. Does anyone know what this comment means?

  3. I saw him speak a couple years ago when he was in the US. It happened to be the day that Margaret Thatcher died. He gave a brief eulogy, and I was kind of aghast. I knew the man lied, but he talked about how much he respected her and how she was a good leader, though they had their "disagreements". Wow! I think Blair has such a seared conscience he doesn't know the difference between honesty and spin.

  4. People have been going after Bush and Blair for years over the debacle in Iraq and one has to wonder why, after all this time, only now is anything even remotely being done. As culpable as these politicians are for the mess that was the Iraq War, the fact remains that they were - and, to some extent, still are - representatives of a vast, sprawling financial and military-industrial complex that has profited greatly from it, whose stakeholders have to date remained anonymous and will never have to answer for a damn thing.

    Also, most people have long since moved on from the Iraq War, to the extent that whether Blair stands trial or not is of little concern. Speaking for myself, the one person who comes to my mind who should be unceremoniously dragged before the ICC is General Philip Breedlove, the supreme allied commander of NATO forces in Europe. This overcompensating lunatic has brought us to the precipice of WW3 and seems gung-ho to be the first one to push the big red button.