03 August 2016

Homeschool Success?


Redefining Christian is more like it. I won't revisit the whole premise of the Christian-political project and the heresy which undergirds it, but it continues to interest me how the quest for power leads to acculturation and the embrace of soft-feminism and a host of other worldly characteristics. This poor deceived young woman has all the lingo and has been well indoctrinated into Christian Sacralist categories. 1 Peter chapters 2-3 must be utterly mysterious to her as she has utterly rejected them as has the whole movement and theology which undergirds HSLDA and Patrick Henry College.

These folks plant bad seeds and though they like to trumpet what they view as success (in reality their shame)... they are quick to hide the rotten harvest they're already beginning to reap. There are some success stories (if you define success as the world does) but the homeschool and Quiverfull movements have an ugly side that like it or not will eventually come out. At this point I've seen as much catastrophe as I have success. And again 'success' is a tricky word. Some families who would beam about the status of their adult children have (in my book) failed.

As a related aside pertaining to her interview....We tried 4H this year. We live in a rural county and there are only about 10 kids in the group, 4 of which are ours. The instructor is a nice lady and my kids really wanted to get into robotics. But it's been a struggle. We don't do the pledges and frankly 4H is more than just activity groups. It's a larger programme determined to instill 'leadership', 'goals', self-esteem and a bunch of other rubbish. Because our group is so small we've been able to more or less dispense with all of that but I've often thought about how many Evangelicals would just eat it all up. It's actually incompatible with Christianity but I think most Evangelicals would find that they can integrate it without any trouble. Such worldliness is the essence of Evangelicalism and the fruit of the Dominion Theology that now dominates it. This celebrated 'success' is a case in point.


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