02 August 2016

The DNC and the Russian Hack

Just a few follow-up notes regarding the DNC claim that the Kremlin is behind the email hack.

First, even if it is true, which at this point I am not convinced, the DNC is trying to spin the story. What they are desperate to avoid is a serious investigation of the content of the emails and even worse, publicity.

They expose the DNC as not only fraudulent in terms of the democratic process but phony in terms of ideology. It is revealed as a sham organisation that doesn't even adhere to the identity politics it has utilised to garner support and generate nationalism.

I'm not a big fan of AIM (Accuracy in Media) but the article is worthwhile. I've added a couple more links. Whether or not the DNC email leaks reveal overt racism against Latinos, Blacks and/or prejudice against homosexuals is in the end at the judgment of the reader.

The Right insists this is so, the Left denies it. I'm not surprised by the revelations as I believe political operatives to be little more than scam artists.


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