27 December 2016

Conformity and the German Judiciary



As Christians we should support religious freedom for all. It only benefits us as well. Germany has grown hostile to homeschooling and other educational alternatives. Some of this is due to hostility to Biblical Christianity but unfortunately a lot of the grief is something of a side-effect, a result of Berlin's policy with regard to the Muslim community.

It's long past time for Christian families to get out of Germany.

You will be forced to conform and fit in with mainstream society. The German Establishment believes in using the power of the state as a tool of social engineering and coercion. Not a few feel the same way in the United States and it would be a mistake to think they're all Leftists. Several of the people I'm thinking of were ardent Trump supporters.

The Nativist Right is not so much about conservative values but conformity vis-à-vis the consensus. No subcultures or 'parallel' societies (as Merkel put it) are allowed.

Christians in the US are cheering on Germany's AfD, Pegida and figures like Geert Wilders without really understanding what they represent.

Of course it could also be said that many American Christians have not yet grasped or considered what is the result and consequence, the unforeseen consequence of the road and path they're on.

Ban the evil burkini...  The irony is that real conservative Muslims don't go for it anyway. Conservative Muslim women aren't going to hang out on French beaches just as Christians know to avoid the somewhat tamer American beach scene. Burkini wearers aren't the extremists Europe needs to worry about. Burkini wearers will in a couple of generations be wearing bikinis.

And yet policies like this will drive the Burkini wearers (as it were) into the Muslim ghetto and toward extremism.

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  1. Equally vile.