14 December 2016

Fake News out of Aleppo

The Western Mainstream media continues to rely on the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the White Helmets as primary sources for news coming out of Syria and Aleppo in particular.

These organisations have already been discredited. They are partisan outlets that have a stake in the fight. They're not going to tell the whole story. In some cases they are telling outright lies.
The American media in particular refuses to name the rebel militias although they can be identified in the international news. The majority of them are Salafi groups with affiliations or at the very least in open alliance with al Qaeda. These are the rebels the US has been backing for several years, sometimes through state proxies and it's one of the great dark secrets of this war. The US is backing al Qaeda (and indirectly ISIS) in order to overthrow Assad. The War on Terror is an exercise in deception and has been from day one... when Bush announced it on 20 September 2001.
The Syrian conflict is a Civil War, so yes it's very nasty, brutal and there are reprisals taking place on all sides. Syrian society is quite complicated. Civilians who flee the Salafi rebel zones are threatened with death and their extended families are also under threat. They are being used by human shields by the American backed 'rebels'. The United States is backing this war crime and providing media cover for their al Qaeda allies. Remember that the next time you hear US condemnations of human shields.
If the Sunni civilians do flee they are subject to retaliation at the hand of Iranian-backed Shiite militias and interrogation from the Assad regime's military and intelligence networks. They are afraid of terrorist-fighters escaping with the civilians. There have been killings and all kinds of violence.
The US is protesting this but didn't seem bothered by their rebel militias beheading civilians and even in some cases killing the ethnic Christian population. And of course Western media continues to provide cover for the US proxy war in Yemen as well most of the atrocities committed by the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq.
It's an ugly mess as all such conflicts are and there's plenty of blame to go around. But Western and in particular the coverage within the United States qualifies as fake. It's so misleading, partisan and disingenuous that it cannot be described as even an attempt at objectivity.
The BBC, France24, Deutsche Welle (DW) and even Qatari based Al Jazeera English are also biased against the Assad regime.
Assad will find few defenders, with perhaps the exception of Moscow and the Syrian Alawite and ethnic Christian communities, and yet the quest to overthrow him has unleashed a blood-bath a thousand times worse than anything he or his father ever did. The West expected him to cave and depart back in 2011. This flawed thinking failed to take into account the demographics of Syria and the reality that in the Post-Iraq War Middle East, such a stand-down would lead to a virtual genocide of the Syrian minority communities. It was a fight to the death.
The chief hypocrite in this episode apart from John Kerry has to be identified as UN Ambassador Samantha Power a proven liar possessing a reprobate conscience who lacks any sense of shame. Formerly an activist, she represents the phony Left that is in all actuality an advocate of the Western system and thus when the chips are down... a militarist and pro-Empire.
In addition a case can be made that there's an even more sinister element to the whole Syrian debacle. ISIS, an offshoot of al Qaeda and born from the chaos of the US invasion of Iraq was not a cause for concern in Washington as long as they stuck to fighting Assad in Syria. When they broke with al Qaeda and moved into Iraq in 2014, this became a significant strategic problem for the United States.
ISIS is on the verge of defeat in Iraq and yet as they are being defeated in Mosul a case can be made that significant numbers are being allowed to escape to the west... back into Syria where they will continue to fight Assad.
Many will discredit these assertions because the Western press has remained silent. Russian media and Western tabloids have picked up the story and while it can't be absolutely confirmed it is in keeping with the cynical nature of US policy in Iraq and Syria, especially during the Obama years.
For further reading on the disingenuous nature of the West's coverage of Syria:

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BRDGOfbIdY

    These are two clips of one segment from a recent Democracy Now. Cohen continues to catch flack for telling the truth. The agenda of certain NGOs is put on display here.