02 February 2017

Süddeutsche Zeitung and Stratfor: Poroshenko and the Escalation in Eastern Ukraine

For the most part the Western Media continues to insist that Russia, emboldened by the new Trump administration rapprochement with Moscow has ordered the Kremlin-backed Separatists to re-ignite the Donbass conflict.
A different take is to be found in the Süddeutsche Zeitung which reports that Berlin is blaming Kiev for the escalation.

Interestingly as the WSWS pointed out, Stratfor (of all organisations) also reported that there's good reason to believe that Poroshenko is desperate and in fear of a Trump shift toward Moscow. He's been making the rounds and been trying to quickly push for Ukraine's membership in NATO.
Germany which many believe was the key conspirator in the 2014 US-instigated plan to oust Yanukovych is now the focus of Poroshenko's attention. He quickly went to see Merkel at the end of January. If the reports regarding a Kiev offensive are true then it would seem Poroshenko was perhaps less than pleased with the Berlin meeting.
The analysts at Stratfor (many connected to the CIA) report that it's likely he's trying to bring the Donbass War back into focus.
Considering that his regime stands or falls at the behest of the EU, but especially the United States, which all but installed him, he has reason to worry.
And yet for all the noise and commentary it would seem at present the new administration does not intend to pander to Moscow. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley came out swinging in the Security Council and made it clear that the administration has no intention of backing down with regard to Anti-Russian sanctions. Haley has previously referred to Putin as a war criminal. At this point if the administration makes a radical shift, she would almost certainly have to step down. Her credibility as the US representative to the UN would be destroyed.

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