02 February 2017

The Gospel and the Proxy War in Yemen


I found this article to be both moving and inspiring as I considered the plight of the suffering Church in Yemen. The fact that out of the suffering and bloodshed of the US-backed Saudi campaign (which has all but destroyed their society), a Church is being built, testifies to the grace and glory of God.

But let us pray for in every case the chaos breeds extremism and opens doors to the militant Salafi groups. In some cases they are even backed by the West in order to defeat the allies of Iran. While the Zaidi Houthis are cut from a very different cloth than the 'Twelver Shia' regime in Tehran they are associated with them in the media and it wouldn't be shocking to learn they are receiving some support.

The people of Yemen are caught in the middle of what is largely a proxy war between the Wahhabi House of Saud and the Ayatollahs of Iran. The Americans are heavily backing the Saudis. In many ways the Yemen conflict is an American war that is serving its larger Middle Eastern agenda.

The Christians can flourish during the turmoil but what the chaos will bring? That may prove troublesome.

Pray for the Church in Yemen.

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  1. Very good stuff, brother. I actually know a couple of Yemeni believers who have been severely persecuted for their faith and/or had their villages blown up by American drone bombs. They are pressed on every side.

    I have to say, this website has wrecked me(in a good way). I've only been reading for a few weeks and the spirit is at work, causing me to examine a lot of what I believe about the Christian and our relation to culture/world, the kingdom of God, etc... Ironically, it was my friends at the "reformed libertarian" website that pointed me to your website as a really helpful resource. They reject sacralism altogether. Granted, these libertarians are more in the mold of Roger Williams, Isaac Buckous, Abraham Booth, etc... They're not part of the dominionist conservative crowd in any way, shape, or form. Anyways, it's difficult to have a massive shift in theology. I feel like a lot of my friends do not understand what I'm saying when I speak of sacralism, dominionism, etc. I served in the Middle East as a missionary, and even then, there was a collective gasp from my friends that anyone would dare leave this country and its middle class values for a life where security and comfort were at a minimum. I can already tell, as my theology continues to shift regarding these things, there will likely be massive consequences regarding my family and friends, who are firmly planted in the middle/upper class and it's values... Sometimes it's difficult to take what you read in scripture, compare it with the culture around us, and then articulate it in words. That's basically what you've done for me. Many of the things you say, I've been thinking/feeling for quite some time but have been unable yo articulate or express it. I can already feel the tension growing between myself, the world, my friends, and much of the American church. Not gonna lie, it's a bit scary...

    Anyways, I Didn't know where else I could post this. I needed to let you know so that: 1. You would be encouraged in the faith. You're work is not in vain!! 2. I just needed to Get it off my chest. If I was to articulate this stuff to my friends or family, I would be viewed as promoting a "poverty gospel" or something along those lines....