27 March 2017

Soros, Orban and the Struggle for Hungary

George Soros is demonised by many in the alternative media, but especially in the Right and Alt-right sectors. Viewed as a liberal globalist they consider him to be a 'Dark Lord' type figure working behind the scenes to manipulate world events.

Actually as is clear from the record and his own admission, Soros and his 'democratic' Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO's) often function as an arm of the US Deep State. He was but one of many people connected to Iron Curtain nations that were used by the United States to influence and agitate. He was (and is) a conduit for funneling money to groups that are meant to make trouble and destabilise governments.
When it comes to figures like Soros the Left-Right divide doesn't apply. The notion that one of the richest men in the world, intimately wed to the global system of finance capital is some kind of 'liberal' is not only absurd but laughable. Does he fund and support many 'leftist' causes? Yes he does, but that means very little.
If you bother to study the way the CIA works when it funds political parties in other countries or for that matter the way Goldman Sachs spreads money around it becomes clear the strategy is to purchase influence in all sectors. You might fund one group more and you can adjust levels of funding as needed. In some cases if a goal is to defeat a political candidate or faction you might back his enemies but if he's going to win regardless... then you certainly back him too. I suppose that might be a little difficult for some to understand but again to borrow from the mafia-esque ethos as expressed in The Godfather, you keep friends close, but your enemies closer. This points to foundational principles of how power is wielded and warfare is waged.
Viktor Orban is in the sights of the EU and Washington. He's not cooperating properly. They want Hungary as a frontline state in the new Cold War, instead Orban has become a dissident. Now after being ostracised for some time he's gone and signed a nuclear energy deal with Russia. He knows he's a target. He knows Washington and probably Berlin are seeking to make trouble for him and this is why he's taken the opportunity of the Trump distraction to crack down on NGO's. In the West these organisations are perceived as unbiased, objective even neutral players who are reporting on problems and corruption within society. Many realised long ago they are (at least since the 1990s) arms of both Langley and Foggy Bottom, the CIA and the State Department.
The irony here is that instead of working to build and foster democracy these organisations are actually in place to undermine it. Because when democracy and polls produce undesired results such as in Hungary, Poland and Russia then the goal is to subvert democracy and the vox populi.
Everyone seems to understand this except the US public. The American media, in this case truly a lying press, does all it can to suppress this reality. They will zealously report on the activities of any other nation that attempts to run interference, back candidates or influence elections. But they will not report on the large-scale operations of the US government which works through NGO's, political parties, media and often enough through political violence to effect change and thwart the processes of democracy.
If one spends even a little time probing this issue, the nature of US media reporting on this topic leaves one in little doubt as to it role and open collusion with the US government. The media in the United States is not a fourth estate but is instead a branch and tool of the US Establishment. The media overwhelming functions as a stenographer and echo chamber for US policy.
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