24 January 2014

The Ailes-Murdoch Network- Entertainment and Loud, Poorly Attired Women

I remember before my conversion I really thought quite highly of Roger Ailes. This was several years before he was commissioned by Rupert Murdoch to start FOX news.

This interview was particularly interesting because I knew the (apparently false) story about how he was hired as an advisor by Richard Nixon. I wonder why he felt the need to make it up?

His entertainment tactics and format are discussed. These are things I and others have already noticed, but it was interesting to hear someone else note them.

In particular my wife and I have always been a bit baffled as to why the conservative (even Christian) news channel would have so many blonde bimbo/slut girls on the show? And tacky and abrasive to boot. It's like anti-feminism means bare skin but to be respected you have to be assertive. It's revolting.

Is it a case of the Bible Belt gone bad? No, it's a deliberate policy. It reminds me of a local hardware store/lumber yard that for many years has done the same. The contractors like cute girls who don't know how to dress when they come to work. The owners figured construction workers would probably want to come and flirt as opposed to patronizing the other place in town and be waited on by the guy with the big beer gut.

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