23 October 2014

My Apparent Bloviations or Musings of a Windbag

Recently I read something and saw myself referred to as a pompous windbag.


Apparently I write too much and labour too long in explaining why I think what I do.
I wonder if the same would be said if I put my energies toward the Christo-American causes this critic believes in?
I wonder if at that point I wouldn't be reckoned a zealous and profound intellectual, a robust and stalwart defender of the truth?
In truth if I was convinced that my writings were nothing more than empty ramblings or bloviations reminiscent of a politician or Talk Radio host...
Then I would delete these websites immediately and never bother to write again.
When I looked into what this critic considered to be sound wisdom and intellectual fare I felt vindicated. If anything more than sound bites and grunts make me a windbag than I'm proud to be one.


  1. Sorry for going off topic, but what was the video about in your last post? Some of us unfortunate folks don't have Facebook accounts.

  2. Count yourself fortunate! I just have a 'dummy' account with no posts and no information. It's merely to have access.

    It was video portraying a young girl out playing Rambo on the shooting range, moving through various targets, changing weapons and nailing target after target. Her father and apparently a whole community think this is somehow just a glorious thing.

    I am so happy that's not my daughter! I would be ashamed. I do not understand Christians who think this is all some kind of game. This isn't training for so-called self defense. This is military training, war and combat practice. Reading my Bible, even reading history I cannot understand their mindset and I don't want to. Even as a total pagan that celebrated violence and loved guns... I still was too sober to think or act that way or celebrate that kind of thing.

  3. Who was it who referred to you as a pompous windbag and what was the specific context?

  4. Where else but Facebook? Actually I've been called a windbag and worse on several occasions and not just on Facebook. But that's where I saw it recently.
    The context is almost always the same. Someone who appreciates my point of view is trying to get a friend to consider something other than the Right-Wing Christian view and they'll provide a link or two to some of my writings.
    At that point I'm attacked because I'm a Nobody, a fringe character (I am indeed!), uneducated (perhaps), a windbag, traitor, heretic or something else. Depending on the context I am more than happy to embrace any of these labels.
    I am convinced that many people don't have the patience to read something beyond a paragraph or two. I think most of the links posted on Facebook aren't actually read either by the poster or the people who hit 'like'.
    I know that most of the people who click on my articles don't finish reading them. They skim at best. The number of people who actually will sit down and read a 3-4 page article, let alone 10-15 page piece that's split into multiple parts is pretty small.
    The answer is to dumb down, condense and streamline.
    I just can't do it. Few things anger me more than watching Hollywood (by which I include the mainstream media) do that to history. It's dishonest. But that's the state of our culture. No attention span and little but a cursory knowledge of most of the things we talk about.
    We're Dark Age peasants with smart phones.
    Well, some of us aren't but that's the general state of things.