24 October 2014

The Coming Collapse and Compassion for the Lost

To be honest I'm surprised more of this isn't happening...

It was probably the first time in his life he ever heard the word, "No!"

I think we'll see more of this, more Twenty-something's rampaging with guns, more college rapes etc...

Five and ten year old brats are annoying. When they're adults we tend to call them criminals. I'm generalizing of course but this generation seems to have no conscience at all.

In another sense I as a Christian would happily be called a criminal. But when it comes to brat kids I'm not speaking politically or ideologically.

I'm speaking in terms of their relation to society.

We're just now starting to reap the harvest of Generation X's child rearing. These are the grandchildren of the Baby Boomers. This late-Millennial and 'Z' generation will as adults, preside over this society's collapse.

The hand of restraint is being removed.

There's a couple that lives a few miles down the road from us. They're rather reclusive...friendly, but they keep to themselves. I am only kind of joking when I say to my wife that will be us in another twenty years.

I certainly don't want my heart to 'grow cold', but it is getting harder to go out in public and interact with people. I have to keep reminding myself what I was and what I would be today if not for the grace of God. I am still just as wretched of a sinner, but God in his mercy continues to change my life and heart and has kept me from the destruction I deserve.

We have some kids around that annoy the neighbourhood with their four-wheelers and dirt bikes. It's not just a little annoying. It's over the top. Their worthless parents have no control over them and in the case of the one family if the mother says anything, the kid tells her in no uncertain terms what she can go and do to herself.

There are times I hate and curse these kids. They can make life miserable and the self-serving police won't do anything even though they've received dozens of calls from numerous people in the area. There's no revenue in it and 'disturbance' citations can easily be defeated in court.  Though I don't think these kids will be able to get the lawyers they would need to escape the charge.

It's one of those moments I have to my principles into practice and repent.

I have to remind myself, that might as well have been me. I was an evil teenager that caused a lot of grief and harm and yet God chose to save me. I deserve hell and certainly deserved jail.

I have to remember that He also can save any of them.

But there seems to be a difference. We were pretty wicked kids and yet there were limits, there was still some conscience. I could certainly be shamed especially when I crossed the line and knew it.

These kids don't seem to possess that same cognition and conscience.

On a practical level that's what concerns me.

That's not to say they are beyond redemption.

But practically speaking this society is headed for bad times. That's hardly news to anyone I know but there are times when it really hits you.

There are lots of causes... the conservatives are right on some of them but woefully blind when it comes to acknowledging the decadence their economic system produces. The system they think of as divine is destructive to the human soul and turns men into narcissistic beasts.