17 October 2014

The Obama-Ebola Connection

I've been so blind. I should have seen it right off.
The lady I'm working for passed through Cleveland Ohio a couple of days ago. She was disturbed that she had entered the Ebola Zone as it were.
She seemed a bit fuzzy regarding the latest events. I explained how apparently the nurse called the CDC from Cleveland with a low-grade fever. Some bureaucrat lacking all common sense declared that her fever was below a certain threshold and said she was fine to board the plane. The CDC failed to 'control' the disease. They gave bad advice.
Since then I believe more has come out indicating she was sick before she left Dallas which makes it even worse in terms of the threat to the general public.
I said that even if they get the Ebola situation under control and it doesn't worsen, there will be a big shakedown in the CDC. Heads will roll.
"Well I know of one that certainly should," she said.
"Who, Frieden the head of the CDC?" I replied.
"No, Obama. This is all his fault."
"Ah, indeed," I replied and changed the subject, though I'm still laughing about it several hours after the fact.
Answer not a fool according to his (or in this case her) folly.
No doubt Obama also is responsible for the death of OJ's wife, the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby, the death of Michael Jackson, the disappearance of Elvis and probably the death of JFK. He probably even had something to do with that Joan Rivers thing!
The whole thing has been botched but I think it might be a little extreme to blame Obama for Ebola entering the United States. He can't win. If he took more severe steps he'll be called a dictator trying to take power and declare martial law. If he does anything less he's asleep at the wheel.
I find the guy repugnant and yet I cannot stand to hear these types of criticisms. They did not level them at Bush who certainly deserved them more than Obama.
What's even funnier (or sad) is that she's by no means the only person I know who takes every government handout she can get, was a career government worker, has a government pension, defrauds the government with regard to income/assets etc... in order to qualify for whatever programme she can get.
And yet loathes Obama.
Methinks it may have something to do with skin colour. Because in every other area of policy they should all but love the guy.

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