13 October 2014

The (Good) Coalition vs. the (Evil) ISIS

It must be stated the United States is an empire of violence. George Bush and Barack Obama have killed more people that Al Qaeda ever did. The United States assassinates, tortures, mutilates and spreads massive violence and unrest. Just because its methods are (at times) less dramatic in terms of television doesn't mean they are any less violent or spectacular on the ground. Bombs kill people. The United States uses destructive weapons that infect and trouble areas for generations to come. The United States has only helped foster violence and enhanced the weaponization of the region.
This is not a case of good vs. evil. This is evil vs. evil.
This is the Christian interpretation of these events. There's precious little wisdom or truth being given to us in our contemporary commentaries. When we think in terms of the US/NATO standing for good and ISIS as being purely evil then we will misread the situation and our solution will also be flawed.
No one will shed any tears when ISIS is gone but how many Christians will say the same about the United States?
And yet to much of the world it is the United States that is the Evil Empire, the rogue state, the terrorist nation and without doubt is the greatest purveyor of widespread violence and destruction across the face of the earth.
Repent or you shall 'all' likewise perish.