02 January 2016

Capitalising on Terror


The utilisation of this source will upset some but the article is both timely and relevant. The author discusses the way in which 'terror' and fear are utilised by the powers that be in order to bring about the larger social agenda they wish to implement and as a means to support foreign policy objectives.

He raises the issue of conspiracy and is willing to leave the door open but doesn't bother to elaborate. I agree that whether some of these events are orchestrated or not, they support the goals of those in power. I am more inclined to believe that rather than take an active role, there are some cases in which investigations are suppressed. Will those in power sacrifice lives in order to advance their agenda? Why would you doubt it? History is replete with such examples. Even the Joint Chiefs in this country grew desperate enough in 1962 to float an official plan that called for terrorism to be unleashed on the US public and blamed on Cuba in order to justify a war.

The fact this was made official strongly indicates an existing precedent and if the post-Watergate era provides any lesson, you can be sure that such ideas were floated once more. Circumstantial evidence is not definitive but there are times when it reaches such monumental proportions it becomes hard to ignore. Even if the details, chronology and motives are still at times unknown the circumstantial evidence at least demands the official narrative be subjected to a thorough re-examination.