09 January 2016

Mobile Phones and the Embrace of Dystopia


This article provides a helpful update regarding the proliferation of military style surveillance equipment being unleashed on the public.

The Internet has ushered society into a new age and one that puts the powers that be in the spotlight and under threat. Terrorism is but the excuse and at best a mere facet of a complex set of concerns held by those who wield and seek power in Western society.

Exposure is a threat. Whether we're speaking of corporate deeds, military operations, media distortions and potential insurrection, the Corporatocracy does not want to revisit the instability of the 1960's in an Internet age. It would bring the government down and lead to a system collapse.

Therefore they are aggressively acting to curb organization as well as collect and suppress salient data that they view as a threat. I think we're only in the beginning stages of what will be a long and radical process of societal transformation.

Of course all of this data is digitized which means those beyond local police forces will be able to gain easy access to it. These 'Wild West' days of the Internet will likely soon come to an end. Let's hope not and though we do not necessarily agree with the Cyberactivists and their goals, we can in an incidental sense be thankful for their labours.

The fact that a presidential candidate can talk about suppressing the Internet is very telling. Trump obviously does not understand even the basics of how the Internet works but his support demonstrates that such censoring and policing of the Internet are becoming socially and politically viable.

The United States has embraced the imperial path and there's no turning back. This isn't about Left v. Right. All of the mainstream candidates, those running under the aegis of the two major parties, embrace this programme. And though there is something of a civil war afoot in the GOP, this will more than likely be sorted before the primaries are finished. Even a candidate like Obama who in 2008 was perceived as a radical outsider quickly acquiesced to the status quo and heartily embraced it. Any post World War II president that dares to challenge it is quickly sidelined and neutralised. Needless to say there haven't been many.

The police, a necessary evil to be sure, have become a self-serving organisation. Their empowerment and protection by the ruling class is deliberately meant to cow and intimidate the public. They are being allowed to indulge themselves while the public is being subjected to a type of social conditioning. Many have the false perception that the police are 'on the ropes' as it were. This has been augmented by public statements from top law enforcement officials. On the contrary, the police are being largely backed by the system and to a stunning degree.

This 'police state' mentality is already at work in the airports, schools, public buildings and in many other places. Soon it will move to movie theatres and malls and before long it will be part of the normalised warp and woof of daily life. During the Cold War we used to joke about 'your papers please' in a thick Slavic accent. There's no need, they've got your 'papers' whether you care to share them or not.

National Security is being evoked in order to circumvent and suppress the justice system and the courts. Federalisation increasingly points to the Unitary Executive, the White House and Cabinet ruling by directive and the weakening of the Congress and the Judiciary.

The co-opting of technology companies and cyberspace to this state agenda is reminiscent of the Fascist system which unlike Communism allowed free enterprise but demanded total subjugation to the interests of the state. The demands concerning data collection and access and the ability to defeat encryption are exactly in line with this way of thinking.

If the state doesn't get its way, the next round of legislation and directives are simply waiting in a folder, ready to be implemented when the next attack or perceived threat becomes manifest.

Power in the hands of fallen man quickly becomes an embrace of evil. The greater the power, the greater evil to protect and the more sinister and violent men will become to guard it.

The United States and all it represents is a power unlike any other ever seen before. While not as overtly murderous as some regimes, though it by no means lags behind on that score, it represents a type of spiritual evil that is morally subversive, surreptitious and thus all the more dangerous.

This corrupting influence has wreaked incalculable spiritual damage within the Church. Myriads of professing Christians have quite literally sold their souls to worship this baphomet, this idol that is America.

It's interesting that the revolutionary technology that has brought about the Smartphone at the same time has provided the government a tool to track (literally) every aspect of a person's life. People are willingly embracing their own loss of freedom. These technologies meant to liberate man and usher him into a new information age are ironically little more than chains... in so many ways.

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