30 January 2016

Trash Talking and the 2016 Election

It's funny. I really don't care about the US presidential election but being a news junkie I can't help but watch it unfold. It's like passing a car accident. You can't help it, you have to look.

My interest (if any) is in the response of the so-called Christian community and the level of apostasy and mental degradation that's occurring right before our eyes.

I was looking at this NPR post tonight and thought I would share it. I've always considered Megyn Kelly to be something next to worthless as far as her reporting and I often have her (and some of the other FOX news tramps) in mind when I'm talking about the total confusion between femininity and sensuality. The NPR reporter followed that same path of confusion in thinking Trump made fun of her while she was merely looking 'attractive'. No, she looks like the whore that she is. That's not feminine or attractive, that's sluttish. She, her parents, husband and children should be ashamed. I urge you to think that through for a moment after looking at the GQ pictures that Trump posted. He's mean and nasty but so is she.

In her case I can't even call her 'sensual'. I've always found her unattractive even repulsive. Her manner cancels out anything physically that might be appealing. It's been equally astonishing to note all the Christian men on Facebook and elsewhere fawn over her as some kind of wonder bomb-shell who also happens to represent the 'Christian' point-of-view. This makes me sputter even a little nauseous. Trampy, loud-mouthed political career women are the antithesis of the Christian woman presented to us in Titus and 1 Peter and that's just for starters.

Besides the fact she's just some Roman Catholic. I guess miss the old Fundamentalist days when despite all the problems with that movement there was at least a sense of antithesis and certainly a notion of what a Christian was... and wasn't.

I guess I would point to this episode as yet another example of degradation both in the culture and the Church.

I'm going to be crude but I think it's warranted and I do not apologize.

Donald Trump is trash.

Megyn Kelly is trash.

And anyone who likes either of them is trash.

If Trump wins the presidency I will refrain from referring to him as such, but if he continues to identify as a Christian then it is our duty to continually denounce him as a heretic... he would join the club with basically every other president of the United States.

The fact that so many Christians have fallen to the level of embracing this kind of used-car salesman fraud says a lot more about them than it does about Donald Trump.

God help us and I don't mean the USA. I mean the Church. The USA is already marked for destruction. The white slave-owners who took up arms because they didn't want to pay their taxes embarked on a great experiment. It failed long ago and degenerated into an empire that will (before too long) crumble and end up but dust in the wind.

I fear the heretic American Church has already fallen in apostasy and though it continues in form, in substance it all but died long ago. Only a remnant remains.


  1. I am actually more attracted to Donald Trump as the campaign drags on. Not because he is a just or righteous man, the exact opposite. It's more like watching David Attenborough narrate a Cheetah take down a gazelle. His media genius is spectacular. He says insane and wildly inaccurate things, and his polls surge. No serious candidate skips a debate, and I'm sure he's calculated the risk. By social media, he can participate in the public mind while also stepping out.

    It will probably only bolster his numbers and give him a truck load of ammunition to annihilate Ted Cruz as both a right-wing radical and an establishment insider. Of course, this is not a paradox or a contradiction, but quite common fare. Even though many Republicans hate it, they know that there's no way a Ted Cruz could win a national election.

    As much as people think, Donald Trump wouldn't be a disastrous president. People are making memes comparing him to Hitler. They're missing the point. Trump is a media-whore who knows how to squeeze people. If anything, it'll be like Warren Harding or some gilded-age baron running the country. It might be terrible for all those weak and/or poor suckers at the bottom, but it won't be some nuclear holocaust.

    In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

    Or as James Bond said, killing the villain in Skyfall:
    Last rat standing.


  2. On a mostly unrelated note:

    If you're in the mood for some masochism, skim through the newest posts on this blog: http://www.oldjamestownchurch.com/

    The worst combination of silly traditionalism, antiquarian vision, and brutal conservative politics. I found the bits on "classical anglicanism" interesting, but having a brief interaction over some of the vile memes (e.g.: http://static1.1.sqspcdn.com/static/f/1479108/26523210/1441773559560/Wrong+Christians.jpg?token=sPzS7Sn60kfMcZbqWQ2F%2Bof0kSk%3D) he posted, I gave up.