07 January 2016

Nuclear India


While other countries are treated as pariahs for refusing to comply with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Israel and now India are given a free pass due to their relationship with the United States.

The US signed a major nuclear deal with India in 2008 and now after years of delay things are beginning to come together.

What a contrast with US ally Pakistan. I'm not suggesting I want to see the US engaging in any of these deals but it's noteworthy that Pakistan often lambasted in our press has been badly used and all but thrown away. It's no great surprise that elements within the Pakistani establishment scheme against the US, support aspects of the Taliban and are likely to counter US moves in Afghanistan and Central Asia.

If the US wanted to drive Pakistan into a stronger alliance with China, Russia and Iran, it's hard to think of a better way. The Pakistanis supported the US during two wars in Afghanistan and didn't get much for it except a little of internal turmoil.

India's Narendra Modi is the new darling of the West, the great proxy in the Subcontinent that is helping the US to extend its influence and counter China.

Of course, aiding India will only increase tensions with Pakistan and as we've noted elsewhere Modi's domestic agenda is highly problematic especially for those committed to concepts like democracy, human rights or religious freedom.  Modi is part of an apparatus hostile to Biblical Christianity. Many regimes are, but few receive as many accolades and the red carpet treatment as does Modi. American Christians are collaborating with his regime and profiting from his ventures.

The US continues to score geopolitical victories and reap great profits but the world is increasingly becoming a more dangerous place.