27 January 2016

Evangelical Hypocrisy and Birth Certificates

Ted 'The Canadian' Cruz is a natural born citizen on the basis that his mother alone was an American citizen. His father was not a citizen and he wasn't born in the United States, an American territory, base etc....

Then what was the problem with Obama? Even if he was born in Kenya, which he wasn't, what's the difficulty? At that point he would have a non-citizen father, born outside the USA, but with an American citizen mother... it seems to me the issue should be over. Even if it had turned out that he was born in Kenya, he would have still (by their estimation) been eligible for president.

I guess being black and having a name like Barack Obama means that you don't count?

Perhaps it could be said the Founders once again erred and failed to clarify the meaning and purpose of the clause. It is by no means the sole example.

I realize Trump was leading the charge against Obama and now Cruz but I seem to recall that many Evangelicals who shared Trump's views with regard to Obama just don't seem to have that Constitutional concern when it comes to Cruz.

Their hypocrisy and racism are on display.

Of course as a Christian I don't really care who Caesar is, where he was born or what colour he is... that is unless he proclaims to be a Bible-believing Christian while he promotes evil, war and greed. Then of course at that point I have a problem. It's not a political problem. I'm not going to vote for or against him, take up arms or anything like that. But I will denounce him as a heretic and work to expose his lies and evil.

Not for the sake of America, Britain, Italy, China or any other Babylon. But for the sake of Zion, the Kingdom established by Christ and affirmed by the Apostle Peter in Acts 2.

Every 'Christian' running for president of the United States is a heretic. Those that have wedded their Christianity to their political message and warmongering power-lust are quite literally agents of Satan.

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