17 January 2016

Shining the Light on Gulen

These aren't the types of stories that usually make it into domestic Mainstream media. These stories usually appear in more specialised media or on the international scene.
The teachers unions are fit to be tied over charter schools and Gulen's movement is literally raking in cash from these ventures. Just because they're non-profits does not mean they cannot facilitate the moving around of money and funding of other projects. The Non-Profit world of which the institutional Church is a part is all too often something of a racket and deception.

Gulen's movement is working to undermine Erdogan's AKP. His movement owns and operates television stations, newspapers, at least one bank, has infiltrated the government and is involved in Pan-Turkic politics across Central Asia.

In the United States, Gulen's movement runs over one hundred charter schools and this has earned the ire of the teachers unions. Their own powerful group is making a lot of noise about this and that's probably why it has made it into USA Today. It should be a massive story but it largely being ignored.

Gulen's movement is also involved in US politics. They have paid for almost half of the congress to take trips, many to places like Azerbaijan, another Turkic US-allied state involved in regional anti-Russian and energy geopolitics. He's also giving money to US political campaigns.

This is a classic case of a CIA-type project with its tentacles spread out into a hundred areas. They are generating income to fund their off-book projects. They have mechanisms in place to launder and transfer money around from Wall Street to Istanbul to Baku and Tashkent. There is an ideology at work and a shadowy infrastructure to support it that represents a threat to Ankara, Moscow and Beijing. From the Tatars in Ukraine and Crimea to the Tatars in Russia, to the various Turkic peoples in Central Asia and the Uighurs in China, Gulen's movement has an appeal and the ability to exert influence.

Lobbying congress insures a voice in the shaping of policy and support for the movement. Would the CIA or other like organisations work through a proxy instead of dealing directly with congress itself?

I think it would be preferred. The less light shone on Langley, the White House and their Wall Street allies, the better.

The Gulen Movement is just the doorway into a larger geopolitical struggle that actually is much bigger than Turkey. There are truths revealed that are much stranger than fiction but only a small portion of the US population is paying attention. And of that tiny percentage many are all too happy to profit from the arrangement.

Of course if Gulen was located in another context he'd be called out as a dangerous Islamic extremist and an enemy to be targeted. But with regard to US policy vis-à-vis Erdogan's AKP, Gulen is considered an ally and friend, even an asset.

Once again the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is revealed to be little more than a tool that's used by the Establishment when convenient. It's a joke.

The Mainstream Corporate Media's job is not to report the news, but to entertain and protect the system. Sometimes stories slip through the cracks. There are conflicting interests. There is no grand puppet master organization controlling all events, rather a series of overlapping interests and sectors that agree in many ways, but not all. The Internet is presenting a serious challenge to the status quo and the powers that be fear it. It's getting harder for them to hide what they're doing.

They (the various heads of the hydra) long to return to the old days, when a simple phone call from the State Department could have ended USA Today's running of these stories and yet ironically many Christians I know seem to prefer the era of censorship, propaganda and state power. And yet they don't quite realize what they're saying or its ramifications. They think the answer is a new inquisition. They may get their wish.