05 April 2015

For Sola Scriptura, it's a Bad Moon Rising

The moon is full tonight and it's the first one after the Spring Equinox...

It must be Easter. It's all right there in Ephesians 7, right?

The Lord's Supper proclaims his death till He comes (1 Cor 11.26)

Do you want to celebrate the Resurrected Christ? God has already given us a way to do so and the New Testament Church did it every time they met.

When you partake of the bread and wine, remember the promises of God and that Christ is even now seated at the right hand of the Father, the enthroned Davidic King (Acts 2). That's what the Resurrection means. Death is defeated, we are justified, but it also points to the promise that He's coming again! The Second Coming is but the completion of His work. His delay is His longsuffering. But the Kingdom is established and we are already part of it. We don't need anything but Christ. No traditions, no innovations.

It has nothing to do with a Church year, liturgical calendar and sunrise services, let alone Anglo-Saxon syncretism.

Easter crept in early, even before the Christ mass. There's nothing wrong with celebrating the Resurrection, but there is something wrong with keeping days and times and promoting innovations in the realm of worship. Keeping days is to bring yourself into bondage (Gal 4.9-10), and innovation is will worship and self-imposed religion (Col 2.20-23).

The Scriptures are sufficient. The answers are found there, not in traditions, even if they stir emotions and pack the people in.