28 April 2015

Politicized Media and a Lack of Christian Integrity

Listening to Glenn Beck for a few minutes as well as some Christian Radio... interesting how they're being blurred in the minds of many Christians... I notice there's a tremendous focus at present on the Clinton's and questions surrounding their funding and donors. All kinds of accusations are flying about accusing them of pandering to foreign influence etc...
Also, there's a recurring theme... Liberals just hate, viciously hate anyone who disagrees with them. They just seek to utterly destroy the character of their enemies.
And for some time now there's been a great deal of attention with regard to Obama's abuse of executive orders.
I'm sure there's a degree of truth in all of these suppositions as well as a great deal of exaggeration and spin.
But would anyone who listens to Right wing radio or who watches FOX news think that the Right doesn't absolutely hate the left? The degree of pettiness can be staggering. This is especially true on Limbaugh's programme with all his mocking advertisements. And on the Internet, well, let's just say I get the updates and emails from numerous Right-wing minded and affiliated people and to suggest they are somehow exempt from being labeled hateful if not hysterical would be misleading.
Dubious funding issues? Ever heard of Citizens United? This was precisely one of the concerns with regard to that ruling. It's not just the Koch brothers and other wealthy American donors that have the Left concerned. It's foreign influence. Has the Right forgotten the Carlyle Group and the hosts of Multinational companies and foreign governments that are connected to Right-Wing elites... political, ex-military and business figures? From Kissinger to numerous generals and officials within the Defense Department not to mention the tremendous push for trade agreements... are they really so naive as to think that foreign governments, especially corrupt governments aren't going to fund the candidates that will promote the policies they want? Laundered money supporting campaigns wouldn't buy favour now would it?
No one has ever accused the Republicans of this type of behaviour?
Have we learned nothing from Iran-Contra and the cast of international players involved in that fiasco? Anyone remember the BCCI scandal? Do any of these media figures understand how the American system works and how American power is wielded? Do they not understand the influence the US has on the whole world? Or are they deliberately distracting their viewers from asking these sorts of questions?
The American election is an international event. The whole world has a stake in it, and be assured the whole world wants a voice. They feel somewhat disenfranchised. Connected private investment groups and Super-PAC's are a way to launder money and to donate discreetly.
Does the Right want to see more transparency? I think they'll find the Left in agreement but the Elites running the Right's political machine will take a very different position.
This is not to say the Left is by any means exempt but the Right has far more money available to its causes. Neither side demonstrates basic integrity. The whole system is rotten to the core.
As far as Executive Orders go, the Right seems to ignore history and recent history at that. All presidents sign executive orders, abuse power and utilize these tools when Congress won't cooperate. It doesn't excuse it, it just points to a broken and corrupt system. The news coverage of this issue in Right wing circles is so dishonest it simply beggars belief.
Even Forbes, hardly a liberal publication recognizes this.
As many have pointed out our capitalist system is supposed to promote and protect the market where informed consumers make rational choices.
The whole of the advertising industry undermines the market and manipulates the public into the exact opposite. They don't want informed decisions and rational choices. They want to frame the issue for you, tug at your emotions and promote a brand which you blindly sign on to. Some brands have succeeded in turning themselves into cults.
The American political system succumbed to the marketing model a long time ago. It's no longer about informed voters making rational choices. That has nothing to do with it. It works exactly the same as the advertising industry. It's a big manipulation racket, sorcery and very offensive to anyone that has a modicum of intelligence.
When Christians are politicized they are like the consumer public and become blinded, succumbing to the manipulation. They are no longer seeking valid or even remotely objective information nor are they trying to provide it. They are manipulating and being manipulated, deceivers who are also being deceived. They lose all credibility and any claim to witness. They are just another group of players in the power game.
They become salt that has lost its savour. They're just like the rest of society. They behave just like every other power-seeking creature that haunts our social landscape. Their message loses all moral authority. They are part of the same sorcery.
And it's moments like this when it shows. They have no integrity. They are literally as bad, as morally bad and evil and deceived as their enemies.
And when Christian leaders, theologians, seminary professors, authors etc. appear on these shows, whether it be Beck, Mefferd or whatever like programme, they too lose their integrity and become part of the same deception. If they really cared about the audience and wanted them to think and grow they would encourage them to turn off these shows. But fame and fortune are powerful and seductive and so they're happy to be used and to use others.