04 April 2015

More Internet Clutter

Recently I've encountered (more than once) a blog post reading:
Now blogging at Patheos

To which I respond:

Now, no longer reading your blog

Some people don't like Patheos because it is perceived as a haunt of Liberals and Emergents.

That doesn't concern me as much as all the rubbish on the site. It locks up my computer, you can't scroll down because it keeps jamming. You try to type in a search and it hesitates and makes you mess up your typing.

Forget it. It's just another one of those sites that's been ruined by all the bells and whistles. Autoplay audio!

I keep the security bar pretty low as far as what I allow to pop-up etc... I'm not lowering it any further. If I raise it, it just locks up and I have to re-boot my computer. I don't normally have trouble but when I visit Patheos, it's something like 4 times out of 5.

I try... I don't know why... to read Gene Veith's blog on occasion. I disagree with him on almost everything but he's popular and influential. I gave up. He's on Patheos and it's just a miserable experience. Besides, pick the issue and I can probably already guess what he's going to say.

At one point a couple of years ago I got stuck on a conversation thread... back when I engaged in such things... and the comments were up into the thousands. You could even get the page to load anymore and I couldn't respond. What's the point?

Just another reason to cut down my time on the internet.

I'm in a ranting sort of mood. Interacting with Presbyterianism does that to me.

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