28 October 2015

Riding in a Tesla

I went for a ride in a Tesla yesterday. Someone I know is considering purchasing one. It was impressive. That said, I personally have no interest in one. I don't even own a Smartphone and frankly despise the whole direction our society is taking with the gadgets and techno-obsessive behaviour. I'm not interested in applications that chart my steps, the food in my refrigerator or the number of times I accelerated in the past half hour.

But, I was impressed by the power. I figured a solely electric car was probably sluggish. I was mistaken. The driver punched it at 75mph and it throws your head back. It really packs a punch. We jumped up to 100mph in the blink of an eye.

I was also struck by the fact that if you re-charge at a Tesla station, it's free. You can actually travel across the country and never have to pay for a re-charge. Non-Tesla stations do sometimes charge, it just depends. But what was also interesting was that many of them employ solar arrays, so that the charging is from a renewable energy source.

This all came up because we were talking about running a sub-panel for a recharging station in this person's garage. This person has a solar system and we wanted to utilize it in rejuvenating the vehicle.

Like I said, I'm not at all keen on the technology. I'm speaking in general terms but it's interesting to see how this new phase is coming into existence. The infrastructure isn't quite there yet, but it's quickly growing. Like it or not, this will be the future. I wonder will they eventually eliminate road signs... your car will already know? I noticed as the driver was nearing 100mph that the car was telling us we were in a 55 zone. It knew the speed limit. I suppose that's pretty typical these days. I don't own a GPS or anything like that, so I'm a little behind. I keep up on technology by listening to podcasts, reading and watching CNET. The only 'gadget' I have is my PC. I like tools. Most of the other stuff I relegate to the 'toy' department.

I also got to see the self-driving autopilot demonstrated. That's still pretty scary to me, but then again I suppose so are most of the other drivers.

I'm starting to miss the early 80's Ford Bronco I used to drive with push-button on the floor for the high-beams and the old push-button AM radio.

Someday will we sing,

Gee our old Tesla ran great, those were the days....?