10 October 2015

Gulen Affiliated Newspaper Editor is Arrested for Challenging Erdogan

This is no great surprise but it's interesting to note the formal relationship between Turkey and the United States through the auspices of NATO etc...

But at the same time there are (as always) dark forces at work within Turkish society. There's an internal struggle over the media, the courts, the military and politics. This struggle is projected and echoed in Turkey's complex foreign policy.

In light of all this, one wonders how the AKP will react and respond to American money entering Turkey under the auspices of Christian missionary work etc...

As the social tensions increase the government will be looking for scapegoats. The Kurds and ISIS are sufficient for the present but that may change.

Christians abroad are placed under suspicion due to their ties with the American Empire. They would do well to avoid such ties but power, even ecclesiastical power in the form denominational and 'ministry' money is centralised in the United States.