03 October 2015

Trump and the Rabbis

The Judaizing Pastors...

The blind leading the blind...


What judgment! Where will Evangelicalism be in just another decade?

Whatever, it's all another religion anyway. There's no Christianity in sight.

Comments are invited....


  1. This is a particularly disturbing article and an even more disturbing video. I could go on a Jeremiad, but I'd rather reflect on tv I've watched:

    1) It reminds me of a scene from HBO's Rome where the pontiff of Rome tells Julius Caesar that it's his "niece's wedding" and it would be "generous" if he gave her a "gift". Caesar obliges and then as the pontiff looks for an omen, a boy releases doves flying East. Behold!! The gods have shown Caesar ought to govern!!

    2) I have an expectation that Trump would be like the Oilman in 'There Will Be Blood'. Where he ends up entering the Church of the Third Revelation, invited by the preacher, to exploit them for land, but when he snubs the preacher, he ends up in a battle and is forced to penance where the preacher slaps hims in a purification ceremony. Of course, the Presidency, if he gets it, is a much superior "priesthood" than what is on display. He could pull a Reagan and close the doors on them. But until then he has to suffer a confused psuedo-Rabbi putting his hand on his face and shouting bastardized Hebrew at him.

    I pray God has mercy on us, yet at the same time, does not suffer the American Empire to exist much longer. We're in way to deep for a British peaceful dismemberment.


  2. Agreed. I like the reference to 'There Will Be Blood'. That was a tremendous commentary on much of American society and culture. Our history is full of men like Trump... men who might have projected themselves in a similar fashion had the television age been in existence.

    I never thought much of David Jeremiah but wow, I thought he was better than that.

    I know the blonde was Paula White and the yarmulke fellow was some kind of Messianic Jew (I assume).

    I can't figure out who the guy was with the deep voice. He sounds very familiar.