28 December 2015

Arms Dealers and the Business of War

Century Arms has a long history of being involved in covert and shady arms deals connected to the US intelligence community and their secret wars. Right-wing and corporate connected militias which in many cases are little more than CIA fronts also seem to be clients of choice. This is one of those many points where the lines between the corporate and intelligence complexes get a little blurry.

It is therefore noteworthy that the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris find a common connection. The US has been funneling weapons into Libya and Syria and many of the militias the US has labeled as 'moderate' are actually affiliated with terrorist groups like al Nusra, al Qaeda and even ISIS. There's a dirty game being played.

I do not mean to suggest the Paris attacks were a false flag operation. There are not a few in the alternative media who are claiming this. Rather, there is evidence to suggest both the US and French governments were looking for an excuse to implement new cyber-espionage and 'security' legislation. Whether they were merely waiting for such an event or allowed it to happen, suppressing investigations both before and after... I leave that to someone else. The jury is still out though history testifies this by no means out of the realm of possibility.

Regardless, the fire that is being stoked in Syria is branching out. The US is like an arsonist and when spending so much time playing with fire it is inevitable that one gets burned. It can be said that it is both directly and indirectly facilitating events like the Paris and San Bernardino attacks.

And yet I think from the standpoint of strategic planners, some fear and fire are overall, a good thing. It opens doors for them. I don't think the gun connection points to a false flag operation, but instead indicates the ubiquitous presence of American intelligence agencies and the war machine. You don't have to dig very deep into the world of terrorism or organised crime to find the fingerprints of US government actors.

Are the subsequent cover-ups and obfuscations to hide direct criminality? Or are they deflections from operations that are all but out of control? The planners are willing to accept and benefit from collateral damage and misuse of their arms because their overall goals are being met. At this point in time this is the view I would take as opposed to those who detect a massive conspiracy in which almost every aspect of the news ends up being false. I think the way these systems, ideas and powers work in the world are a little more complicated and subtle.

Century Arms has also been linked to arms that have been smuggled into Mexico. Now whether they were involved or merely sold the weapons to smugglers is not clear. And yet we also know the US will at times collaborate with the Cartels. They will back one to the detriment of another and are known to cut deals.

So is it out of the realm of possibility that the CIA or some other Praetorian group was involved in a weapons deal with a drug cartel? It's speculation but not much of a stretch.

In fact this may be the true 'scandal' in the Fast and Furious operation that apparently went wrong, or went wrong because it was exposed to the light of day.

Obama's White House has done little to break with the past, although it is intriguing to consider some recent reports suggesting he may not have full control of the government, especially the intelligence agencies and the Pentagon.

Our media never misses a chance to criticize the Russian arms dealer Victor Bout. He's an evil man to be sure but for every shady arms dealer the Russians or Chinese have, the Americans have a half-dozen.