04 December 2015

Greenwald and Brennan: Public Fear and the Power-Grab

Glen Greenwald is by no means the only person that is pointing these things out but I thought this small clip was particularly effective in communicating a range of issues regarding the US Establishment's attempt to capitalize on the Paris attacks. Of course the San Bernardino shootings will also facilitate this argument.

Though I'm not much of a Greenwald fan, he rightly exposes the lies at work in the US narrative and the media that supports it. New legislation is not needed. Praetorians like Brennan are exploiting these events to expand their power.

The so-called Patriot Act is already outdated and the powers that be are ready to implement a new wave of legislation that will further restrict the freedoms we have and expand the power of the police state - the apparatus employed by the Corporatocracy to defend its interests.

The various trade agreements TIP and T/TIP are also constructed to assist the re-structuring of society and the laws that govern it.

A system built on avarice and the concentration of power can only lead to suppressive violence and ultimately war. Modern technology is a two-edged sword. The opposition can use it to organize, but the Corporatocracy can also use it as a means to monitor, control, suppress, entrap and condemn. A climate of fear serves their agenda.

We are living in interesting times to be sure, and the US commitment to hegemony is pushing the world toward a dangerous place. The Age is one characterized by war and tribulation but there are times the threat seems more eminent and pressing. In this world of lies, let us bear witness to the truth and trust in the Lord.

As it says in Psalm 146 we are not to put our confidence in princes nor depend on man for help.